MAN Agricultural Trucks at AGRITECHNICA 2017

The agricultural sector offers various opportunities for using MAN trucks // The MAN TGS 18.500 4x4 BLS on display is equipped specifically for the industry

A variety of transport tasks arise in agricultural business and for contracted hauliers. Thanks to their high payload, low fuel consumption and typical high driving speed, trucks are gaining ground in the transportation chain between farm, field and warehouse. With this in mind, the MAN TGS is kitted out as an agricultural truck and features all-wheel drive, fifth-wheel coupling, trailer coupling and support, load-sensing hydraulic system and wide, soil-friendly agricultural tyres.

MAN trucks are not only suited for transporting harvested crops over great distances – from grain to agricultural dealers, silo corn to the biogas plant, beet to the sugar refinery or potatoes to the starch plant – right from the farm or from the edge of the field. It is in combined use in the field, on the road and in further processing applications where MAN agricultural trucks are really able to demonstrate their high level of efficiency. They offer distinct advantages in the transportation chain compared to other vehicle types, due to their high payload of 38 or 40 tonnes, lower fuel consumption and the higher speeds typical of trucks. What's more, established semitrailer combinations often enjoy greater acceptance among other road users and in the population in general than tractors with bulky, multi-axle trailers do.

Agriculture and the way it is perceived by the public has been going through a period of change for some time. The areas being cultivated are growing all the time due to economic reasons. So too are the volumes being transported. The areas farmed by agricultural businesses are no longer situated in the direct vicinity of farm buildings. The transport distances between locations are therefore on the increase and the areas which contracted hauliers have to cover is expanding. Contractors are paying more and more attention to the efficiency and total cost of ownership (TCO) of their fleet, while the public are concerned with the issue of environmental friendliness in the transportation chain. The increasing prevalence of biogas plants is ensuring increased transport volumes for the delivery of corn, grass and grain silage, as well as the movement of fermentation substrate across great distances. Transportation applications in particular are where trucks that have been adapted to meet the needs of the agricultural industry really show their strengths. This is something that has come to MAN's attention with the increase in demand for adapted vehicle concepts.

In most cases, these are semitrailer tractors in the MAN TGS series, pulling trailers specially designed for agricultural use. Options include semitrailer tractors and chassis with rear wheel drive and standard or medium-high design height. All-wheel drive MAN TGS in high design height with switchable or permanent front wheel drive are also available. With permanent all-wheel drive, the centre differential means it is possible to balance the front and rear axles, preventing damage to the floor when cornering. The solution positioned between road use and all-wheel drive is called MAN HydroDrive and offers hydrostatic front wheel drive for additional traction.

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