MAN CEO Håkan Samuelsson leaves the company

Interim successor appointed

The CEO of MAN SE, Håkan Samuelsson (Dipl.-Ing.), today resigned his position as Chairman of the Executive Board. Samuelsson will leave MAN SE at his own request with immediate effect.

Samuelsson hopes that his decision will help the MAN Group to quickly devote all of its attention to its core business and its further development. He is convinced that there should be a fresh start at the highest level of the company.

The Presiding Committee of MAN SE’s Supervisory Board has the greatest respect for Håkan Samuelsson’s decision. The committee thanks him for his work over the years. Samuelsson’s commitment has helped MAN to grow since 2000.

Samuelsson has assured the Presiding Committee of the Supervisory Board that he will support the change at the top of MAN SE and assist his interim successor in his duties.

The Supervisory Board’s Presiding Committee has appointed Georg Pachta-Reyhofen (Dr.-Ing.) as the interim successor of Håkan Samuelsson in his function as Chairman of the Executive Board. He will assume the function of Chairman of the Executive Board of MAN SE while continuing his duties as Chairman of the Executive Board of MAN Diesel SE.