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MAN Diesel & Turbo Showcases Innovations for Cutting Emissions in Ships

Trade Fair Highlights at SMM 2012

From September 4 through September 7, 2012, MAN Diesel & Turbo will be unveiling technical innovations aimed at reducing the emissions and improving the efficiency of marine engines at SMM (shipbuilding, machinery and marine technology) in Hamburg, the world’s most important shipping trade fair. The highlight of the trade fair booth is the large dual-fuel diesel engine, which is on show as part of a complete engine train: The propulsion system, which comprises an engine, clutch, gears and propeller, spans an impressive 14 meters. With the 35/44DF engine MAN Diesel & Turbo has developed a highly efficient engine which, in gas mode, yet complies with the emission standard Tier III of the International Maritime Organization that will enter into force in 2016: By then the emission of nitrogen oxides in certain coastal regions must be reduced by 80 per cent compared to the Tier I standard in the year 2000.

EEDI as the guideline for the trade fair presence

MAN Diesel & Turbo’s trade fair presence is very much inspired by the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) set down by the International Maritime Organization, a specialist organization that is part of the United Nations. From 2013, all newly built ships must meet the specifications of the EEDI. It specifies how many grams of CO2 a ship may emit per transported ton and traveled nautical mile. The EEDI is aimed at reducing fuel consumption and the resulting CO2 emissions not only through engine technology measures, but also through changes in the ship’s geometry.

Slow steaming

At the SMM, MAN Diesel & Turbo is providing information about the technical options available to comply with the EEDI’s specifications: These include, for example, the G-type two-stroke engine range, which provides first-class support with its extra-long strokes for slow steaming – a practice in which the ship’s speed is reduced to save fuel. Under its service brand MAN PrimeServ, MAN Diesel & Turbo is also offering retrofit solutions for converting two-stroke engines to slow steaming.

Fuel efficiency with turbocharger technology

When combined with turbochargers from MAN Diesel & Turbo, maximum fuel efficiency can be achieved since the engines take in more air and therefore generate more output. Over 100 VTA turbochargers (Variable Turbine Area) from MAN Diesel & Turbo are already currently in service. They support slow steaming and also help to allow the sea-based element of global trade to be conducted in a more eco-friendly manner.