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MAN Diesel & Turbo complete power plant on Guadeloupe

Fourth island power plant inaugurated for EDF

Fourth island power plant inaugurated for EDF

The engine-operated power plant was officially inaugurated on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe two months ahead of the newly agreed upon schedule, in June 2015. The last of the twelve 18V48/60 engines was handed over to EDF back in May. With a total capacity of around 210 MW, the plant is the last of a total of four island power plants that the company has completed for the French energy provider since 2008.

Alongside Henri Lafontaine, Directeur Exécutif Groupe d’EDF, and Jean-Michel Lebeau, Président d’EDF PEI, the inauguration ceremony was also attended by Wilfried von Rath, Chief Human Resources Officer at MAN Diesel & Turbo and Dr. Hermann Kröger, Senior Vice President MAN Diesel & Turbo and Head of the Power Plants business unit.

“'Pointe Jarry' concludes a long-standing and successful partnership for which we would like to thank MAN,” says Jean-Michel Lebeau. “The people on Guadeloupe are getting a state-of-the-art power plant that cuts fuel consumption by 15 percent and nitrogen oxide emissions by 85 percent.” The new power plant replaces the thirty-year-old ‘Jarry Nord’, also situated in the Jarry industrial area, and is intended to cover around 45 percent of the island’s energy needs.

“The plant achieves a technical and environmental standard that is seldom seen in the field of diesel power stations,” says Dr. Hermann Kröger, taking stock. “SCR catalytic converter technology and urea injection deliver significantly reduced toxic emissions, while the dedicated seawater desalination plant allows 700,000 tonnes of valuable drinking water to be saved every year. We are proud to look back on this extremely demanding project and would like to thank EDF PEI for their constructive cooperation.”

The new power plant established a record performance back in May. With output of 85.9 gigawatt hours, it produced more electricity in one month than any of the customer’s other island power plants.

The ‘Pointe Jarry’ power station on Guadeloupe is the fourth island power plant that MAN Diesel & Turbo has completed for EDF PEI, following three plants already commissioned on La Réunion (Port-Est), Corsica (Haute Corse) and Martinique (Bellefontaine). The base load power plants are equipped with 18V48/60 engines each supplying 18.5 MW of electric power and meeting the particularly high demands placed on fuel consumption as well as noise and exhaust emissions.