MAN Diesel & Turbo delivers world's largest screw compressor for Dry Lime Akzo Nobel process

MAN Diesel & Turbo delivers world's largest screw compressor for Dry Lime Akzo Nobel process

SKUEL series screw compressor: Growing size of installations requires constant development work.

The Indian company, which supplies its products to around 300 million consumers primarily on the sub-continent, has had four SKUEL 643 units in operation since 1998. In this current order the company again chose MAN Diesel & Turbo as its compression technology partner.

"With a growing population, the demand for industrial basic materials is also growing, pushing the need for even larger production capacities," states Wolf-Dieter Schmidt, Head of the Screw Compressor section at MAN Diesel & Turbo. "The current order, in which the largest screw compressor in the world – the SKUEL 816 – is to be used for the Dry Lime Akzo Nobel process for the first time, demonstrates this trend extremely clearly."

With annual production amounting to several million tonnes, soda is one of the most important basic materials for industry across the world, for instance in the production of detergents and glass. At the heart of the Dry Lime Akzo Nobel soda production process are oil-free screw compressors, which due to their robust nature are ideal for the corrosive and dust-laden gases (moist CO2) generated during this process.

As a leading manufacturer of screw compressors with a wide range of oil-free and oil-injected machines, MAN Diesel & Turbo offers solutions for numerous applications in the oil and gas industry, as well as serving customers in the process industry. "19 compressors for soda production have for instance been installed in India in the last 30 years – 17 of which were supplied by MAN Diesel & Turbo," says Dirk Wöckener, Bid Manager of the company as he explains the importance of this sector.

The company is the only manufacturer of screw compressors that also operates a local service shop in India (Vadodara, Gujarat province). Customers such as Nirma Ltd. have access here to a comprehensive local portfolio of MAN PrimeServ services for turbomachinery and screw compressors – a further plus point, and not just for the process industry sector in which maintenance periods and downtimes can often result in the entire production line being brought to a halt.

The current order is due to be delivered in April 2016 with the aid of local value creation competence and then put into commission as a complete compressor unit including steam turbine at Nirma Ltd.