MAN Truck & Bus honoured for its many years of commitment to cooperative environmental protection

MAN Truck & Bus has been engaged in sustainable operation and environmental protection in the framework of the Bavarian Environmental Pact for over 15 years.

As one of the first companies to sign up to the pact, MAN Truck & Bus was honoured for its long and exemplary commitment to cooperative environmental protection at the "Bavarian Environmental Pact REGIONAL". State Minister of the Environment and Public Health, Dr Markus Söder, honoured the awardees for their constant dedication in a ceremony held at the All Saints' Court Church of Munich's Residenz. The Bavarian Environmental Pact is an agreement between the Bavarian State government and Bavarian industry based on tailored and efficient strategies for ongoing improvements in corporate environmental conservation. With a membership of around 5,500 companies, the previous Bavarian Environmental Pact was one of Germany's most successful environmental agreements.

Dr Heike Sarstedt, Head of Environmental and Safety Management at MAN Truck & Bus, accepted the award on behalf of the company: "MAN Truck & Bus has for many years been successfully practising corporate environmental protection. Our measures range from the development of eco-friendly vehicle and engine technologies to energy-efficient manufacture and production at our sites to the installation of certified environmental management systems. Our uninterrupted participation in the pact for over 15 years now demonstrates that MAN Truck & Bus is taking on its entrepreneurial responsibility in maintaining our habitat for coming generations. This honour will also spur us on to intensify our efforts in the area of international environmental conservation and sustainable operation and to lead the way as a role model."

The Bavarian Environmental Pact was first established in October 1995. Around 60 participants, of whom MAN Truck & Bus was one, signed the "Miteinander die Umwelt schützen" agreement, literally "Saving the environment together", thereby giving a binding commitment to promoting corporate environmental conservation. The pact is now in its fourth edition, which was signed in 2010 and will run for a period of five years under the name "Nachhaltiges Wachstum mit Umwelt- und Klimaschutz" (lit. "Sustainable growth with environmental and climate protection"). The focus here is on the areas of climate and energy, sustainable mobility, environmental technology and the efficient use of resources.

Efficiency in the Environmental Pact - and beyond

As part of the current Environmental Pact, in summer 2010 MAN Truck & Bus started a Europe-wide project to deploy low-emission hybrid city buses in local public transport. In addition, the commercial vehicle manufacturer, together with MAN Support ProfiDrive® offers a recognised qualification for professional drivers that encourages economical and efficient driving. The MAN Truck & Bus sites are also optimised for resource-conserving operation. At the company's headquarters in Munich, the heating and ventilation of the production facilities have been improved to the point where they can save around 4,500 tonnes of CO2 every year. At MAN's engine plant in Nuremberg, the cold-engine test enabling engines to be tested during production without using fuel has been extended to include further series of engines. This results in a saving of a million litres of diesel and thus 3,000 tonnes of CO2 a year. Activities aimed at improving energy management in general, the expansion of environment management systems and the introduction of the environmental protection standard at MAN sites outside Europe round off the current agreement.

The commitment of MAN Truck & Bus to the Bavarian Environmental Pact is in line with the MAN Group's strategy of Corporate Responsibility. In order to create value in a sustainable manner, the concept of Corporate Responsibility underpins all business strategies and processes. Its basis is good governance, its dimensions are economy, environment and people and its objective is to provide added value for society.

State Minister of the Environment and Public Health, Dr Markus Söder, presented the award at the "Bavarian Environmental Pact REGIONAL" to Dr Heike Sarstedt, Head of Environmental and Safety Management at MAN Truck & Bus, for the long and exemplary commitment to cooperative environmental protection of MAN Truck & Bus.