MAN integrates truck and bus brands in South Africa

The first Constellation truck made by MAN

Trucks and buses from the Constellation and Volksbus series, developed by MAN Latin America, will soon be assembled by MAN Truck & Bus Africa too. The first Constellation truck will leave the Pinetown combined production facility mid of November. It will be the first time that MAN and Volkswagen truck and bus brands have been assembled on one site.

MAN Latin America (Brazil) heavy commercial vehicles for the African market used to be produced in the South African city of Port Elizabeth. MAN Truck & Bus Africa produces its trucks and buses for the southern African markets in Pinetown.

“MAN Latin America is known for its expertise in emerging markets, not only in product development but also in tailor-made sales and after sales. The addition of MAN Commercial Vehicles’ experience in South Africa and the entire sub-Saharan region will offer us synergies to conquer more markets and customers,” said Roberto Cortes, CEO of MAN Latin America.

MAN Truck & Bus Africa currently produces seven vehicles per day in Pinetown. With the predicted increase in demand and a reduction in the currently held stock, the MAN Pinetown assembly plant has the potential to double its production and to reach around 3,200 units per year thanks to the introduction of the Constellation trucks and Volksbus chassis.

Brand expertise and experience now combined

A number of MAN Latin America staff members have already been integrated into the MAN Pinetown assembly plant team. Tools and control elements have been taken over from the Port Elizabeth assembly plant including jigs, cranes and other capital equipment.

The Constellation and Volksbus series will initially be assembled in a separate environment to train staff. This will also allow MAN to check machines and tools before moving them to a unique assembly line.