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MAN launches amnesty program for employees

MAN has decided to launch an amnesty program in order to completely clear up allegations of illegal commission payments quickly. Employees of the Company are to be able to help clarify facts voluntarily in connection with the ongoing investigations by providing information. In return, MAN will generally waive any potential claims for damages and refrain from dismissals under the amnesty program.

Employees who wish to participate in the amnesty program can contact the MAN Group’s ombudsman until June 16, 2009. The ombudsman can provide employees with information on the amnesty program in advance without their identities being revealed to the Company. The amnesty deal is between the employee and the Company but it does not protect employees from any penal measures. However, the public prosecution authorities welcome unlimited cooperation and will look favorably upon this to the extent within their power in the case of employees willing to provide information.

MAN immediately initiated a special internal investigation with external experts into the commission payments after the allegations came to light. The amnesty program is both an important part of the ongoing internal investigation as well as an invitation to cooperate for any employees who may be affected. It is very important to MAN that all allegations are fully cleared up fast.