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New Two-Stroke Engine Variants Developed for Chinese Market

MAN B&W S35/40MC-C9 engines tailor-made for unique segment

MAN Diesel has developed two new engine variants targeted at the Chinese coast and river segment that represents some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. The new, state-of-the-art S35MC-C9 and S40MC-C9 variants are based on the experience gathered from MAN Diesel’s existing range of well-proven, mechanically operated, two-stroke, low-speed engines.

The optimal ship size for this Chinese segment ranges from 10-20,000 dwt with a propulsion plant that generates between 5-8,000 kW at an approximate engine speed of 140 rpm. The MC-C9 design represents an upgrade on previous marks and offers improved operational economy, flexibility and manoeuvrability. For ease of installation, MAN Diesel also provides the engines with a built-on lube oil filter.

The new MC-C9 variants have a stroke-bore ratio of 4.4:1 to facilitate the low propeller speed that translates into 142 and 136 rpm respectively for the S35MC-C9 and S40MC-C9 engines. Similarly, the S35MC-C9 and S40MC-C9 engines display mean effective pressures of 21 and 21.4 bar respectively.

The new MC-C9 engines offer optimal engine performance in a powerful, economic, weight-saving and future-oriented diesel engine design, ensuring that they will remain market leaders for decades to come. Based on diesel technology that has been well-proven over many years, the engines are tailored to meet the market requirements for:

  • fuel economy
  • higher power reliability
  • longer time between overhauls
  • lower propeller speed
  • better manoeuvrability
  • very low life-cycle costs

  S35MC-C9 S40MC-C9
Number of cylinders 5-6-7-8 5-6-7-8
Stroke (mm) 1,550 1,770
MEP (bar) 21 21.4
Engine speed (r/min) 142 136
Mean piston speed (m/s) 7.34 8.02
Power (kw) 740/cyl. 1,080/cyl.
SF=C (g/kWh) Trier II 179 178