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Reliability in detail: technology highlights of the new MAN D3876 engine

  • Up to 640 HP and 3000 Newton metres from 15.2 litres
  • Full torque from 930 rpm
  • New design concepts in the cylinder head, cooling system and combustion maximise reliability

D3876 engine with MAN TipMatic 2 gearbox
New drive train of the MAN TGX D38: D3876 engine with MAN TipMatic 2 gearbox

With the newly developed 15.2 litre, six-cylinder in-line D3876, MAN presents a powerful, highly efficient and extremely reliable truck diesel engine for demanding transport tasks. Thanks to powerful torque of 2500 to 3000 Newton metres and power outputs of 520 and 560 HP for long distance and towing vehicles, and 640 HP for heavy goods vehicles, the D3876 is the new top model in the MAN Euro 6 range of engines.

As a six-cylinder in-line engine, the new D3876 shares the same basic design and high-tensile materials with the D20/D26 engines and is therefore built around a design that has proved itself over millions of miles. This includes the use of cast iron with vermicular graphite (GJV450) for the engine block and the cylinder head and the solid basic geometry of the engine and the crankshaft main bearing.

Based on this design, in the development of the D3876, the MAN engineers have drawn on all aspects of modern engine construction and have achieved numerous technical innovations. They have made the D3876 an outstandingly reliable yet highly fuel efficient power unit: comparative trials show that the D3876 with 560 HP and Euro 6 emissions standard uses up to 3% less fuel than an equivalent Euro 5 engine with 540 HP – and this with 200 Nm of extra torque. This clearly demonstrates how efficient the new D38 is.

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