TURBAIR® vacuum blowers: demand for energy-saving technology keeps growing

With the delivery of the 200th TURBAIR® vacuum system type RT, MAN Diesel & Turbo further expands its market share in the Paper Industry.

The 200th vacuum system type RT manufactured by MAN Diesel & Turbo in Zurich will be used for dewatering in paperboard production. A South Korean paperboard manufacturer will replace a total of ten old water ring vacuum pumps with two single-stage vacuum blowers. According to Manfred Dobler, Head of Paper Industry at MAN Diesel & Turbo, this success is due to various factors: “TURBAIR® vacuum technology provides paper, paperboard and tissue manufacturers a huge competitive advantage compared with conventional vacuum systems that use water ring vacuum pumps. On the one hand, our customers achieve energy savings of 30 - 50%, making their production more resource-efficient. On the other hand, our machines offer a wide operating range, resulting in a more flexible operation in the paper manufacturing process.”

Vacuum blowers play a critical role in the paper production process. They are installed at the former and press section at which the system dewaters the paper by vacuum. MAN’s machines handle volume flow rates between 180 and 2’800 m³/min at up to 75 kPa.

TURBAIR® replaces old technology

Paper manufacturers are increasingly replacing their conventional vacuum systems, fitted with water ring vacuum pumps, with the TURBAIR® system. The trend for conversions is continuing unabated thanks to several factors: “By using radial flow impellers, our vacuum blowers have a lower absorbed energy consumption compared with conventional systems since there is no frictional loss caused by water rings. Furthermore, the TURBAIR® vacuum blowers discharge clean air at high temperature, and this heat can be recuperated and reused in the energy cycle,” explains Manfred Dobler. “By recovering waste heat and operating without the need for sealing water, paper manufacturers not only make an important contribution to environmental protection, but also achieve major savings in terms of the operating costs.”

Global demand in the paperboard and tissue segment is constantly rising, driven by sustained global population growth and the higher quality requirements of end-users. As a consequence, the paper market continues to offer enormous potential for MAN products. In recent years successes have been chalked up in the Far East, in particular South Korea, China and Thailand.

TURBAIR® vacuum blower type RT is used for dewatering in paper production.
The TURBAIR® vacuum system type RT will replace ten water ring vacuum pumps.