Volksbus with MAN engine and Euro V technology debuts

Brazilian government awards contract to supply 3,000 school buses

MAN is making another move to actively leverage economies of scope within the Group. The “Linha 2012” Volksbus will see the very successful bus model in Latin America offered with European Euro V technology for the first time. The new, more stringent emission standard will be mandatory in Brazil from January 2012 for all new registrations.

For the first time ever, the new Volksbus is also available with an MAN engine localized in Brazil. The D08 series four-cylinder engine is produced in São Paulo and includes emissions control based on AGR technology. The “Transpúblico” bus trade fair in São Paulo will see an engine that has been developed and well-tested in Europe when it plays host to the MAN D08’s Latin America premier.

MAN Latin America’s bus business has also been able to record great success on the order side: the company has won the Brazilian government’s contract to supply just under 3,000 school buses. Delivery is to take place next month. The Brazilian “Caminho da Escola” (School Run) infrastructure program, which has been running since 2009, has set itself the goal of heavily expanding the public transportation system for transporting schoolchildren. Thanks to the new Volksbuses, the comfort and safety of schoolchildren is improving significantly, especially in rural areas. MAN has already supplied over 5,600 school buses produced at the Brazilian Resende plant since the program began. The new order will increase the Volksbus school fleet to a total of 8,500 buses.

Roberto Cortes, President of MAN Latin America, said: “During our 30-year history in Brazil, we have consistently succeeded in exceeding our customers’ desires with tailored solutions. We are extremely pleased that the Brazilian government has placed its faith in MAN once again and that it has awarded us the contract for an additional 3,000 buses as part of the School Run program.”