MAN secures top spot in image ranking

Largest improvement within the Dax 30

MAN has secured third place within the Dax 30 in the reputation study conducted this year by the Reputation Institute. MAN scored consistently well in 2012 in all the areas examined, moving up eleven places and yielding a total of 77.60 points. Generally speaking, only five companies improved this year. On average, scores fell by 2.5 points to 68 points.

The reputation study “Dax30 Companies in German RepTrak” has been carried out by the New York-based Reputation Institute for the past 15 years and measures the reputation of German and international companies. Over 2,300 companies were judged by 117,000 people worldwide, with 2,500 consumers in Germany being surveyed about the Dax 30 companies. The representatively selected participants were asked to judge the respective companies on areas such as products, innovation, workplace, and performance. 80 points out of a possible 100 were required for the reputation to be classed as “excellent”.

The Reputation Institute was founded in 1997 and operates in over 30 countries. In Germany, it is headquartered in Berlin. The Institute advises leading companies worldwide on systematic reputation management. Parts of the study are available to download from the Reputation Institute (