MAN lands another big order from Oman

As the leading supplier of turbomachinery to Oman, a state rich in raw materials, MAN Diesel & Turbo is delivering a further eight compressor trains to the state oil company Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO).

Rabab Harweel gas field in the South of Oman.

Under the heading of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), PDO has placed the current order with a volume approaching the three-digit million euro range with MAN. The compressor trains are to be used to increase natural gas extraction as part of the "Rabab Harweel Integrated Project". Together with six other compressor trains ordered from MAN by PDO back in mid-2014, MAN Diesel & Turbo's Swiss plant has thus landed the biggest order in its history.

"Rabab Harweel Integrated Project is one of our mega projects in Oman," states Raoul Restucci, Managing Director of PDO. "As the easy oil supplies dwindle, EOR is going to account for an increasing part of our production portfolio. PDO is already a world leader in this area but we are now redoubling our efforts to ensure we maximize production from our fields."

"With the latest order from PDO we are delivering efficient high-pressure compression technology to a respected customer once again," explains Dr Uwe Lauber, CEO of MAN Diesel & Turbo SE since the start of 2015 and previously head of the company's Oil & Gas business unit. "We are thus supporting PDO and Oman in their efforts to raise oil and gas production to a higher level of efficiency. This is an example of how solutions from MAN Diesel & Turbo help our customers to achieve their goals."

The joint venture of MAN Diesel & Turbo and its local agent OHI Petroleum and Energy Services is working on setting up a local entity to offer privileged services to PDO as one of its most important customers. In addition to various plans for enhancing local sourcing, MAN will train young Omani engineers in the field of operations and maintenance of turbo compressors, thereby supporting PDO’s and the Omani Government’s nationalisation objectives.

"Following a concentrated bid phase, we are proud that PDO chose us once again, even at a time when markets are particularly hotly contested," says Basil Zweifel, Segment Head of Oil & Gas Production at MAN in Zurich. MAN has already delivered 24 compressor trains in all with a total of 35 casings to Oman. With these latest orders the company consolidates its position as the leading supplier of turbomachinery to the commodity-rich state.

The current order comprises two high- and two low-pressure compressor trains for the acid gas application, one high- and one low-pressure compressor train for the flash gas application and two trains for gas export. The type RB compressors are optimized for the demanding compression of aggressive acid gases such as occur in the Harweel Cluster in Oman, for example. With their help the acid gases from the fields are returned to optimize the natural gas yield by increasing the pressure. Following a delivery period of around 22 months, the high-end machines will be ready for installation in Oman in December 2016.

RB – Barrel type centrifugal compressor by MAN Diesel & Turbo.
One of the many MAN turbocompressor trains which are already installed in Oman.