Power Plants 

MAN Diesel & Turbo supplies power plant engines to Dhaka

MAN Diesel & Turbo has been commissioned to supply six 18V 48/60TS engines to Bangladesh. The units will power a new plant that is intended to supply base load to the capital Dhaka. ‘Dhaka North’ is the second project to be implemented by MAN Diesel & Turbo for its customer Maisha Group. The order will generate revenue running to several tens of millions of euros.

The planned power plant will have a capacity of 111 MW and feed energy into Bangladesh's electricity grid. Its main purpose is to improve the supply of electricity to Dhaka's vast population of around 14 million people. The engines will be delivered and commissioned in 2016.

Bangladesh has been a key market for MAN Diesel & Turbo for many years due to its robust economic growth and resulting increase in energy demand. "Bangladesh is a small and extremely densely populated country with rapidly growing energy demand," said Alexander Stöckler, Global Head of Sales in the MAN Diesel & Turbo power plant division. "Over the last few years we have assisted the Maisha Group in improving the supply of electricity to the megacity of Dhaka and we hope to continue this successful collaboration in further projects."

In 2014 MAN Diesel & Turbo supplied twelve 18V32/40 engines for a 108 MW power plant that is currently being commissioned in Dhaka. The new plant will be built on the same site.

The MAN 18V48/60TS engine is one of the most efficient and cleanest engines of its class. When powered by conventional fuel, the engine satisfies the emission limits set by the World Bank in 2008. The engine draws on the principle of two-stage turbo-charging to achieve the highest level of efficiency, reduced fuel consumption and low emissions.