MAN Nutzfahrzeuge to reduce short-time working at its German sites

MAN’s Nuremberg engine plant is to end short-time working; the truck sites of Munich and Salzgitter plan to significantly reduce the number of short days worked.

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge is registering an increase in demand for trucks, buses and engines. MAN’s engine plant in Nuremberg is benefitting from this trend and is to end short-time working on 30 June. MAN’s sites in Munich and Salzgitter are in a position to cut the number of short days worked in the second half of 2010: in Production, these will decrease from around 50 in the first half of the year to an average of 20 in the second; the administrative departments will see a fall from 40 to 19 days of short-time working. Overall, around 12,000 MAN employees in Germany are affected by short-time working; the exceptions are staff employed in R&D, Quality and Service.

“Short-time working has enabled us to retain our highly trained core workforce despite a significant drop in demand in 2009. Thus the expertise that we require for the forthcoming upswing has remained in our company”, comments Dr. Dietmar Klein, Head of Human Resources Plants & Regions at MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, explaining the benefit of short-time working as an instrument of labour market policy.