MAN integrates truck and bus brands in Mexico

MAN is to bundle production and sales of trucks and buses at its Querétaro site in Mexico. MAN- and VW-branded vehicles are now to be assembled and sold under the management of MAN Latin America. The service network in Mexico will also be integrated. Services for vehicles of both brands are now available to customers in all 18 service centers.

Speaking at the launch, MAN SE Executive Board member Jörg Schwitalla emphasized the strategic importance and said: “MAN’s new business model in Mexico is a logical step in our internationalization. Following the purchase of Volkswagen Truck & Bus at the end of 2008, we bundled activities in South Africa at one site in 2009. The integration in Mexico will strengthen our development in the Americas as a whole.” The light truck model that will now be assembled in Querétaro will be fitted with MAN engines for the first time.

Only MAN buses are currently produced in Querétaro. This will now be expanded to include the assembly of VW-branded trucks, which used to take place in the Mexican city of Puebla. “In doing so, MAN will be combining local assembly with the sale of entire vehicles produced in Germany and Brazil,” said Roberto Cortes, President of MAN Latin America. “We will be offering ideal transportation solutions, as we already do throughout Latin America, with MAN- and VW-branded trucks and buses that are tailored to the needs of Mexican customers.”

MAN has had commercial vehicle activities in Mexico since 2002. The Querétaro site will gain additional stature as a result of the bundling. The number of jobs will continue to rise in the medium term. MAN Latin America employees in Puebla who do not wish to move to Querétaro will be offered jobs in Volkswagen car and van production in Puebla.