MAN takes action against irregular conduct

MAN has hired an external auditing firm to fully clear up suspicion of improper commission payments alongside its own auditing department. Around 80 audits a year have also been carried out in the recent past at sales companies and branches both in Germany and abroad. A special internal audit to investigate the commission payments concerned between 2002 and 2005 was even carried out in 2007. The scale of the operations means that audits like these involve cases of suspicion and spot checks.

In conducting its investigations, the internal audit function found irregularities regarding payment transactions in individual cases. As a result of this, the necessary organizational action and appropriate personnel measures were taken. The rules for allocating legitimate commission have been systematically strengthened over the past few years in order to ensure transparency. This includes a dual authorization principle, the prohibition of cash payments and a code of ethics for sales employees. A compliance system was also introduced.

MAN has parted with several employees in the past who have been shown to have acted contrary to regulations. Some of these cases were reported on in the media. If the internal investigations or those being conducted by the public prosecution authorities now find evidence of additional cases of personal misconduct by employees, the company will also take action under labor law.