MAN Diesel PrimeServ: The Rapid Response Force

MAN Diesel at Euronaval

Complementing the designed-in customer-friendliness and maintainability engines and propulsion equipment from MAN Diesel is a strongly felt obligation to maintain the most efficient, accessible after-sales organisation in the engine and marine propulsion business under a single, universally recognisable brand.

That brand is MAN Diesel PrimeServ and with more than 100 PrimeServ service stations and authorised service partners currently in operation around the world, MAN Diesel is making a long term investment in the naval and governmental marine sectors to guarantee maximum vessel readiness via the high availability of the propulsion plant.

PrimeServ has an organisation capable of:

  • Providing prompt, OEM-standard service based on experience and feedback from an immense population of engines and equipment in the field.
  • Advising and qualifying customers in order to improve the availability and viability of their installation over its entire service life, from commissioning to de-commissioning.
  • Supplying rapidly and all around the world, genuine, quality-assured MAN Diesel spare parts or replacing obsolescent components, assemblies and systems by new designs.

Integrated Logistical Support

In accepting a naval contract MAN Diesel can be expected to commit to keeping a fighting vessel operational for several decades. With our constantly developing after-sales infrastructure, MAN Diesel PrimeServ is well organsied to meet the very special requirements of naval customers regarding comprehensive documentation, the transfer of know-how in the form of personnel training and local content agreements, and in fulfilling our undertakings to ensure high, long term engine availability, including guaranteed, full life-cycle replacement parts supply and the substitution of obsolete technologies.

These obligations can include air-freighting spare parts around the world at short notice, inventing or configuring new assemblies and systems to replace technology which is no longer available or no longer state-of-the-art and providing specialist assistance – likewise at short notice and anywhere in the world.


At the growing network of “PrimeServ Academies” MAN Diesel provides efficient, high-grade product training - and regular retraining – for personnel from navies and governmental organisations. To facilitate both theoretical and hands-on learning, all PrimeServ Academies are equipped with a comprehensive range of modern teaching aids, including computer simulators and an array of engines, engine systems, sub-systems, assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Courses range from tuition in basic service and repair skills to levels where naval technicians can acquire the qualifications they need to completely take over of the operation, maintenance, repair and overhaul of MAN Diesel products.

Customer Proximity

In a “think global, act local” product support concept, MAN Diesel PrimeServ is constantly developing its network of after-sales outlets in terms of both geographic coverage and technical qualification. An after-sales infrastructure of regional hubs, service centres and service partners guarantees rapid, cost-effective response on a global basis. By the end of 2010 a total of 78 strategically located outlets are expected to be equipped and qualified to hub standard to cover the full MAN Diesel range of engines, turbochargers, marine and stationary generator-sets, marine gears, propellers and complete propulsion systems.

Spares Availability

Simultaneously spare parts inventories are being increased and optimised on the basis of ordering statistics. This ensures that stocks precisely reflect actual ordering patterns, especially those of major customers like navies and governments.

Within an overall 20% increase, stocks of principal wearing parts have been increased by 50% and this goes hand in hand with the globalisation of spares stocking. Thus, as the PrimeServ network of local PrimeServ hubs and service centres expands, MAN Diesel will support them with spares inventories at strategic locations around the world to give all its customers the advantage of maximum parts proximity.