MAN Diesel Introduces 10 MW Engine at 1,032 rpm

Uprated 28/33D Tier-II Engine

The new 28/33D version boasts an improved design and is available in 12-, 16- and 20-cylinder versions, with respective power outputs of 5,460, 7,280 and 9,100 kW. With a 10% overload possible for one hour every six hours, these outputs rise to 6,000, 8,000 and 10,000 kW respectively, thereby making the 20-cylinder version the first 10 MW engine at 1,000 rpm.

The new V28/33D engine features state-of-the-art design and has the highest power density in its class while maintaining full compliance with IMO-II and EPA Tier-II legislation. Its compact design is tailored for three main segments: multiple propulsion applications, including all types of fast ferry, naval ships, super-yachts, an STC edition; and as GenSets for offshore applications.

Additional design features include the new, in-house-developed, engine-mounted SaCoSone safety and control system, and the new, TCA33 turbocharger, which has been especially tuned for the V28/33D engine as it is a light, high-efficiency turbocharger with a compact design.

Other, major design optimisations include:

  • a one-part air-manifold of symmetrical design
  • an optimised crankshaft design with reduced stresses and improved lubrication
  • an oil sump with increased volume to accommodate inclination requirement. A rolling dynamic of 22,5° and pitching static of 5° are allowed with an additional dynamic of +/- 7.5°
  • an improved connection rod with a straight-cut design gives high reliability, better balance and lower engine vibrations

The challenge of meeting new emissions regulation (IMO II and EPA Tier II), while maintaining the excellent fuel-consumption and smoke-emission levels enjoyed by the 28/33D, has been achieved through the intensive development of an “Emission Tier II package” that includes:

  • an optimised injection system
  • an optimised combustion chamber
  • Miller cycling
  • a high-efficiency charge-air cooler
  • an improved NOx/SFC/soot trade-off

STC version

The new engine is available in an STC (Sequential Turbocharging) version that offers optimal engine-turbocharger matching. For naval applications in particular, this gives the engine an extended torque envelope that offers economical operating modes and improved engine-acceleration characteristics. The MAN Diesel STC system consists of two identical, standard turbochargers, one providing copious charge-air at low- and medium-speed, with the second cutting in at higher speeds.

GenSet version

As mentioned previously, MAN Diesel is simultaneously introducing GenSet versions of the V28/33D engine to the market, tailor-made for the offshore segment, with the following, alternative characteristics:

  • 405 kW/cyl @ 900 rpm (10% overload for regulation)
  • 455 kW/cyl @ 1000 rpm (10% overload for regulation)
  • Fast starting possibility
  • High loading step
  • Integrated design with reduced interface
  • High dynamic load response
  • Lightweight GenSet with compact foot print
  • Low vibration / low structure-borne noise
  • Inclination up to 25° – all directions
  • EPA Tier-II compliant

Finally, the 28/33D GenSet version is, by nature, easy to install owing to several factors:

  • prepared as one unit (common frame, attached pumps, valves, coolers etc)
  • compact (high output, low weight)
  • double, elastic-mounted engine
  • simple customer connections (easy installation)
  • integrated combi-cooler for fuel and LT/HT water with easy access and low weight
  • closed and integrated, pressurised cooling water system (easy installation)
  • integrated alternator cooling
  • three-point, base-frame installation (easy installation)