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First S35ME-B Commissioned and Shipped for Installation

Smallest, electronically controlled two-stroke engine

MAN Diesel has on September 15th shipped its first MAN B&W 35-bore electronically controlled, two-stroke engine. The engine is, thus far, the smallest within the ME-B-family that offers bore-sizes of 35, 40, 46, 50 and 60 cm, covering a power range of 4,350 - 19,040 kW. The first S35ME-B, in an 8-cylinder execution, has successfully completed testbed trials at MAN Diesel’s Frederikshavn-plant in Denmark. The engine will arrive at Soli Trading & Shipbuilding Industry S.A., Turkey, in early October for installation aboard the first of two vessels. The engine will be fitted to drive MAN Diesel’s 4.4-metre Alpha CP Propeller type VBS 1280 at 167 r/min, and, from the front-end, a 1,200-kW step-up gear and alternator.

Stronger, shorter and lighter
Compared to the existing S35-models, the new ME-B version is more compact, despite its higher output at lower revolutions for larger propellers, and more suitable for efficient aft-ship designs. Comparing, e.g., a 6-cylinder S35ME-B with its power equivalent, the 7-cylinder S35MC, the former offers an additional 40 kW with a 0.42-metre shorter engine length, and an engine weight that is 3 tons lighter. Additionally, its SFOC is reduced by 2 g/kWh.

IMO Tier-II compliance
With an electronic injection control, and a rate-shaping flexibility, the S35ME-B engines are well prepared to meet the IMO Tier-II emission restrictions. The fuel-injection system follows the well-proven concept from the advanced, large-bore ME-C engine range. With the ME-B, two electrically driven, hydraulic pumps deliver the power for the injection system. The exhaust valves are, however, cam-operated in the conventional way – matching the cost and complexity requirements for this size of engine. The ME-B design offers flexible engine parameters. In particular when combined with the optional VTA-turbocharger (variable turbine area), the SFOC in the part-load operating area can be further optimised.

Unparalleled basic reliability
The heritage and continuous success of MAN B&W’s 35-cm, ‘small-bore’, two-stroke engines date back to 1982 when the L35MC engine arrived with a rating of 500 kW/cylinder at 200 r/min. Design revisions and upgrades over time, such as S-versions with a longer stroke and higher output at lower revolutions, have continuously been the answer to prevailing market requirements. Accumulated feed-back on the most popular engine designs in this power segment and the test of time have paved the way for high reliability, long TBOs and very low life-cycle costs for the latest S35ME-B engine generation.

Globally, accumulated sales of MAN B&W 35-bore engines amount to 2,230 units. Currently, cumulative ME-B sales stand at 93 engines.