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MAN TGS agricultural truck on a country road in rural setting

Your benefits

  • Powerful, efficient, reliable
  • High traction and manoeuvrability
  • High-torque motorization
  • Agricultural tyres for ground protection

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MAN agricultural vehicles - harvest your crops and reap success.

Climate-induced fluctuations in yield, rising energy and salary costs, high productivity pressure, dropping prices - the agricultural industry faces many challenges. Reliable, high-traction, environmentally sustainable and gentle on the ground - MAN trucks help you to efficiently master operations between the field and the processing plant.

To increase your profits even further, we offer specific equipment which makes it possible to operate your MAN truck as an LOF (land or forest tractor vehicle) and benefit from numerous privileges and financial advantages.

Your challenge. Our solution.

Unlimited availability

Modern technology has substantially facilitated work in the agricultural industry. Reliable vehicles with high availability have always been and still remain among the most important harvesting aids. If vehicles are not available due to technical issues, a drastic loss of profit is the consequence.

Above-average reliability

Our particularly reliable and durable trucks ensure that you can effortlessly reach your profit targets: Since 2012, MAN trucks have been scoring high marks in the TÜV report. Our vehicles earn points for all safety-relevant components such as bodywork, chassis, lighting system, brake system, driveline and visibility.

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Suitable for on- and off-road

Vehicles for agricultural applications have to be sure-footed in the field as well as on the road. Growing businesses and ever increasing transport distances to the processing plants mean that agricultural trucks nowadays spend more time on the road than in the filed.

High traction and manoeuvrability

Highly manoeuvrable on all terrain in the field, fast and confident on the road. To ensure that you can always stay sure-footed on all terrain, MAN agricultural vehicles are optionally available with permanent or switchable all-wheel drive or the innovative MAN HydroDrive® front-wheel drive which provides you with additional traction at the touch of a button. In addition, the off-road function of the MAN TipMatic® gearbox improves the off-road characteristics of your MAN truck. Easy manoeuvrability in tight spacial conditions is ensured by the MAN turning brake, a unique feature in the vehicle class. It brakes the rear wheels on the inside of the bend and thus reduces your bend radius.

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Organic food production

The demand for organic food is continuously growing: Typical for organic farming is environmentally friendly production and low energy consumption.

Sustainable engine technology

MAN trucks support organic farming with fuel efficient and low-emission engines. For an especially clean harvest, you can use biodiesel with our latest generations of engines. In classic diesel operation, you can still save up to 5% of fuel costs. This is made possible by the new, one-stage turbo charger, which combines optimum power delivery with increased efficiency.

Yield reduction due to soil compaction.

The use of machines in the agricultural industry has significantly increased efficiency and yields. However, it also causes the soil to compact. Constantly driving on productive agricultural land with heavy machinery compacts the soil and leads to a significant reduction in yield.

Vehicle components that are gentle on the ground

MAN trucks help you bring in your harvest with as little strain on the ground as possible. Thanks to a combination of reduced-weight chassis, engines and drives, MAN trucks are among the lightest on the market. In addition, the axles and the suspension are adjusted in such a way that they ensure high ground clearance and are thereby gentle on your soil. The wide tyres of MAN agricultural vehicles offer more contact surface and ensure that axle and wheel loads are distributed evenly.

The right MAN for every job

Discover our top models for agricultural applications.

MAN TGS front view

MAN TGS – the tough one

This is our specialist for difficult agricultural missions. The MAN TGS combines an unrivalled payload with powerful engines and a wide variety of drive configurations. The MAN TGS is a power package that always gives full throttle to ensure the success of your agricultural business.

MAN TGM front view

MAN TGM – a true all-rounder

It is as versatile as the day-to-day challenges you encounter between the field and the processing plant. Thanks to its new generation of engines, the MAN TGM brings even more transport capacity and reliability to the field and to the road. Which makes it a reliable and efficient harvest aid.

Customised MAN trucks for agricultural applications - industry-specific functions included

Our vehicles are perfectly tailored to your requirements. Discover our vehicle configurations for agricultural applications.

MAN TGS 18.510 4_4 BLS agricultural semitrailer tractor on a country road

MAN TGS 18.510 4x4 BLS

This TGS semitrailer tractor offers maximum flexibility. Thanks to its permanent all-wheel drive, it is perfectly suited for application on acres, fields and meadows.

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Other application segments with agricultural focus

Does your business cover forestry applications in addition to agriculture? Then the MAN vehicle solutions for the following application segments might be of interest to you.

Wood: MAN TGS short timber transporter fully loaded with tree trunks


MAN trucks for forestry applications are made from tough stuff.

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