Trucks of the future – MAN delivers sustainable electromobility concepts.

The MAN eTruck – for more sustainability in distribution transport

The new MAN eTruck leads the way

MAN eTruck – the future of inner-city distribution transport begins now

A vision becomes reality: the urban distribution transport of tomorrow is virtually silent and emission-free. With the new electric truck we are ready to set off into a sustainable future.

MAN has been taking its ecological responsibilities seriously for a long time and follows a clear roadmap when it comes to electromobility. Since 2009, MAN has been working on new concepts for supply and waste disposal in urban environments, because it is in these cities that the challenge of balancing inner-city goods transport with a healthy, liveable environment for inhabitants is increasing in scope.

In September 2016, MAN first presented the new MAN eTruck, a TGS semitrailer tractor with electric drive, at the IAA. Five months later, MAN and the Council for Sustainable Logistics (CNL) signed a development partnership. This agreement gave the starting signal for the introduction of MAN eTrucks in medium and heavy distribution transport, with a permissible gross train weight from 18 to 26 tonnes.

The eTGM can cover a range of up to 200 kilometres.

MAN eTruck concept vehicle

The MAN eTruck enters the test phase

The MAN eTruck complies with all the necessary requirements for the inner-city distribution transport of the future. It features the same payload as the models with standard internal combustion engines and boasts virtually silent and emission-free performance.

Along with electric drive, auxiliary units such as power steering, air compressors and air-conditioning systems are also electrically driven. This makes demand-dependent, energy-saving steering possible. In addition, the kinetic energy of the vehicle is converted into electrical energy during overrun phases while on the move and then fed back into the battery accumulator.

MAN laid the foundations for the eTruck in 2012, with the development of the MAN Metropolis hybrid vehicle. Valuable expertise in terms of electromobility was collected in numerous real-world deployments. The IAA 2016 marked the time to shine: for the first time, MAN presented a fully electrically driven semitrailer tractor for use in inner-city night-time distribution, e.g. for food markets. In the following months, MAN built further fully electric concept vehicles based on the MAN TGM in the weight class from 18 to 26 tonnes. Since 2018, the MAN eTruck has been in use in test operations at nine CNL partner companies.

MAN eTruck with the slogan ‘We’re leading the way’.

MAN eTruck

The new, environmentally-friendly MAN eTruck has no shortcomings in terms of payload and efficiency compared with similar models with internal combustion engines. It combines climate protection with performance and is the future of inner-city distribution transport.

  • Local emission-free (CO2 and NOx)
  • Extremely quiet
  • Same payload as a conventional truck
  • 250 kW electric motor

A new way of refuelling: Engineer Stefan Fries demonstrates the charging module.


The energy for the MAN eTrucks is supplied by high-performance lithium-ion batteries from the Volkswagen Group. They are fitted below the cab, above the front axle, and on the left and right-hand side of the frame, depending on the range requirements.

  • Charging is usually carried out overnight
  • Opportunity charging is an option: fast intermediate charging during rest breaks or during loading and unloading
  • Maximum range up to 200 km with maximum number of batteries
  • Additional batteries can be fitted inside frames
  • Display in cockpit informs drivers of the current energy content of the batteries

MAN TGS eTruck customer video

What our customers have to say

With the new MAN eTrucks, our customers can expect a new momentum for their businesses. Especially inside cities and metropolitan areas, the fully electric trucks offer more flexibility and longer operating times. In addition, they combine effective distribution transport with urban environmental protection.

MAN eMobility

eMobility at MAN

The future starts now. With the new electric truck, MAN is ready to start off into a sustainable and efficient future.

Development partnership with CNL

A development partnership for sustainable logistics

The Council for Sustainable Logistics (CNL) is a Europe-wide unique initiative by 18 of the largest Austrian companies from the commerce, logistics and manufacturing sectors. The development partnership with CNL offers MAN the ideal opportunity to bring the eTruck concept into line with customer requirements using practical experience as a basis, and in doing so, successfully develop it to production readiness. From 2020, CNL is planning on stepping up its use of eTrucks for inner-city and suburban distribution transport in order to make an active contribution towards reducing emissions in cities.

The scope of testing includes MAN TGM 6x2 vehicles with refrigerated trailers, swap containers, beverage bodies and a semitrailer combination.

Representatives of MAN Truck & Bus and proud owners of the new MAN eTrucks at the plant in Steyr

Running on power

Nine MAN eTrucks are now literally on the road in the Austrian cities of Vienna, Salzburg and Graz. Putting the trucks to the test in real-life customer operations will show what the future of environmentally friendly city logistics could look like.

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