Jacinto becomes certified MAN bodybuilder at an international level

The company Jacinto Marques de Oliveira, Sucrs, Lda Is the first Portuguese bodybuilder to receive the international excellence certification granted by MAN Truck & Bus AG

Delivery of MAN international bodybuilder certificate

Founded in 1954, Jacinto Marques de Oliveira, Sucrs, Lda, is a family business, dedicated mostly to the construction of super-structures and assembly of fire-fighting and rescue vehicles, and also to the construction and assembly of prefabricated and metallic structures, and to the construction of industrial buildings.

The company has been producing emergency vehicles for over 60 years, which are sold both on national and international markets.

In order to improve even more the quality of the product, and also to make the sales process easier, Jacinto Marques de Oliveira, Sucrs, Lda has started the MAN certification program, which allows bodybuilders to become known in the MAN world, operate worldwide to the same standards and that improves cooperation MAN partners.

Obtaining MAN international bodybuilder certification is a complex process, that involves demanding quality inspections and MAN Compliance inspection, but that brings bodybuilders clear advantages, such as new advertising possibilities, improved sales structure and simplified order processing, simplification of the processes and a close relationship with MAN on an international level.

Delivery of MAN international bodybuilder certificate

“Our preference for MAN is due to the great quality and reliability that the brand has always shown over the years”, says Eng. Jacinto Oliveira, CEO at Jacinto. Another of the reasons that led the company to go forward with the certification process was “the flexibility MAN presents, primarily in terms of client proximity”, adds Eng. Jacinto Reis, Manager at Jacinto.

Jacinto Marques Oliveira, Sucrs, Lda facilities

The delivery of the international MAN bodybuilder certificate took place on the 16th October, in Jacinto Marques de Oliveira, Sucrs, Lda premises, located in Esmoriz. Representatives of Jacinto and MAN, and members of the specialized press were present in this event.

Jacinto Marques de Oliveira, Sucrs, Lda is now the first Portuguese bodybuilder with international MAN certification, and one of the only 40 bodybuilders worldwide that were able to obtain this distinction.

Lusitano – firefighting vehicle for airports
Vehicle assembly
Final assembly and quality control
Structures workshop