Successful efficiency truck – the 10,000th MAN TGX EfficientLine comes off the line in Munich

The model for long-haul transport, consistently designed for fuel efficiency, has been on the market for almost two years and is much in demand worldwide. MAN Rental is now also offering the EfficientLine truck.

Says Dr Frank Hiller, Marketing Director, Sales & Services of MAN Truck & Bus: "The market success of MAN's EfficientLine models shows that we're right in tune with customer demand for especially efficient and eco-friendly means of transport. We've proved how effective our efficiency technology is in everyday long-haul transport. It cuts fuel consumption by up to three liters, in other words by as much as 10 percent. Every TGX EfficientLine that takes the place of a conventional long-haul truck can save up to 4,500 liters of diesel a year, which is the same as 12 tonnes of carbon emission. It naturally encourages us to expand the EfficientLine offering. So at IAA 2012 for instance we're presenting a coach that's especially efficient in terms of fuel – the MAN Lion's Coach EfficientLine."

EfficientLine worldwide

Transport efficiency is also an increasingly important factor on markets beyond Europe, in other industrialized nations and emerging economies, because they also feel the rising cost of diesel. The MAN EfficientLine concept consequently takes on a worldwide focus. South Korea is an example, a country where the need for transport efficiency is similar to that on European roads. MAN TGX EfficientLine trucks have been on the market here since March 2012.

For markets worldwide with poor road conditions and tough operating scenarios MAN offers especially economical long-haul trucks with EfficientLine technology. These also integrate safety systems such as lane guard assistant LGS and adaptive cruise control ACC. On global markets too, driver training by MAN ProfiDrive® is part of the efficiency concept. The TGS EfficientLine with special equipment features for tough operating conditions is now on the road in Africa and Asia, in the Middle East, Latin America and Russia.

On call – MAN now offers the TGX EfficientLine to rent

For customers who want extra flexibility, MAN Rental in Europe has a wide selection of trucks with and without trailers. Ensuring optimum service to long-haul short-term customers, MAN Rental maintains one of the biggest fleets of TGX EfficientLine trucks. Rental of one day or more, medium-term or long-term rental for a number of months – it all makes the customer flexible for peaking business and is an attractive cost-transparent alternative to purchase or leasing.

The efficiency factors

MAN has analyzed the factors that make for especially efficient road transport. In the TGX EfficientLine MAN is the first producer to consistently implement the known physical relationships on a preconfigured vehicle.

Intelligent aerodynamics save fuel: because drag is a primary cause of – extra – fuel consumption in long-haul transport, the TGX EfficientLine comes without fittings such as sun visors or compressed-air horns. But the tractor is fitted with aerodynamic side panelling and a roof spoiler correctly matched to the trailer. The MAN EfficientLine tells you something else about the laws of aerodynamics. Driving at only 85 km/h instead of 89 km/h, it reduces rolling resistance by 10 percent. That saves an enormous amount of fuel and without losing a noticeable amount of time in daily operations.

Drive train optimization: the decisive few percent more in efficiency are not obtained just by improving single components, they are the result of MAN engineering competence when it comes to optimizing the entire drive train. Common-rail engines, low-loss drive train components and the intelligent gear shifting strategy of the MAN TipMatic® are all matched for optimal interaction. An upgraded three-phase alternator is 4 percent more efficient and simultaneously delivers more generator power. Daytime driving lights require only about a quarter of the power of halogen dipped beams. MAN air-pressure management (APM) decreases the power loss in EfficientLine to generate compressed air. Lightweight design means more payload. The TGX EfficientLine comes with especially light front and rear axle suspension, together saving about 80 kg. Compressed-air tank, fuel tank and wheel rims of aluminium all contribute to downscaling vehicle weight.

Flexible packages for a variety of customer requirements

The EfficientLine selection is flexible in matching to customer requirements. In addition to the basic model, a two-axle semitrailer tractor with XLX sized cab, there are TGS and TGX versions with three axles, larger or smaller cabs and different suspension variants with EfficientLine packages. MAN also offers EfficientLine packages for long-haul operation of the TGS. Tank semitrailers can be combined with an aerodynamically optimized tractor for instance.

Successful efficiency truck: MAN TGX EfficientLine No. 10.000 at the finish line of the Munich production plant. Members of the Executive Board Dr. Frank Hiller (right), Marketing, Sales & Services, and Dr. Carsten Intra (left), Production & Logistics, present the jubilee truck. The TGX EfficientLine, consistently optimized for fuel efficiency, has been on the market for two years, and is in demand worldwide.

Successful efficiency truck: MAN TGX EfficientLine No. 10.000 at the finish line of the Munich production plant. The TGX EfficientLine, consistently optimized for fuel efficiency, has been on the market for two years, and is in demand worldwide.