The new MAN TGX


Where functionality meets comfort

The driver’s cab is the centrepiece of the new MAN TGX We have revamped its design from top to bottom, with specific focus on the driver’s needs. The integrative assignment of switches and buttons to pre-set functions and an intuitive control layout make using the vehicle exceptionally easy and ensure fewer distractions while increasing safety.

The new MAN TGX with best-in-class cab design

MAN SmartSelect

The first of its kind in the heavy vehicle industry – the innovative MAN SmartSelect control unit. With the new control unit including hand rest, the driver can easily operate the infotainment system even during less smooth rides. The touchpad makes it possible to access lists and operate the navigation system using hand motions. Turn. Press. And done.

MAN SmartSelect in the new MAN TGX

Intuitive controls and display

The controls of the new MAN TGX are intuitive to use and clearly organised. They can be easily reached from the driving position and the display elements are arranged at a perfect viewing distance. The infotainment system features a brilliant display with HD resolution in five different models with a 7-inch or 12.3-inch monitor.

Intuitive controls and display in the new MAN TGX

The new rest area

A better night’s sleep - thanks to the multi-zone cold-foam mattress and slatted frame. Safely store your personal items in the spacious storage compartments. The climate control system and electrical auxiliary air-conditioning system ensure comfortable temperatures. Thanks to the lounger control module, you can change the radio station and control the lighting or the lifting roof without leaving your rest position.

The rest area of the new MAN TGX

Smart assistance systems

The new MAN TGX is your personal expert on safety. In heavy congestion, the traffic jam assist system helps you keep an even distance to the vehicle in front and stay in the right lane. The lane change support system helps you manoeuvre safely thanks to LED lights in the A-pillars that light up when changing lanes. Systems like Lane Return Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control also help to make driving easier and safer.


Efficient driveline

If you want to stay ahead, you need a reliable drive system. The powerful, efficient D15, D26 and D38 engines available with the MAN TGX not only increase the payload capacity, but also save fuel. The result: Together with other efficiency-enhancing innovations such as the new rear axle, the new MAN TGX reduces its fuel consumption by up to 8 percent.

Efficient driveline in the new MAN TGX

MAN EfficientCruise®

The GPS-guided MAN EfficientCruise® cruise control system analyses the road ahead up to three kilometres in advance. Based on the detected road topography, it calculates the most efficient driving strategy, adapting the gear selection and speed to the most cost-effective and efficient settings. This reduces the stress on the driver while maintaining power and performance.

MAN EfficientCruise<sup>®</sup> in the new MAN TGX

MAN Perform & MAN Connected CoDriver

MAN Perform is there to help you optimise the cost efficiency of your fleet. It gives you insights into vehicle performance and the driving styles of your drivers. MAN Connected CoDriver provides your driver with personalised coaching via telephone while driving using data provided by MAN Perform.

MAN Perform & MAN Connected CoDriver

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A reliable system

Reliability is in our DNA. It has been confirmed by TÜV experts that MAN trucks are practically unstoppable. This is also our promise to you for the new MAN Truck Generation. The scalable vehicle electrical system, for example, has exactly the number of cable harnesses it needs, and no more. The result? Reduced susceptibility to faults and a vehicle that can be easily upgraded and modified.

TÜV-approved reliability - the new MAN TGX

MAN ServiceCare

Even the best trucks need regular maintenance. MAN ServiceCare helps you organise the maintenance of your vehicle – ensuring greater vehicle availability thanks to forward planning and intelligent grouping of maintenance appointments.

MAN ServiceCare

Our service outlets

In long-haul transport, traffic jams are not a rarity. At MAN, we won’t keep you waiting. With MAN ServiceBooking, you can book maintenance appointments flexibly online. Around 80% of the most important spare parts are kept constantly in store at our workshops. And if you need help on the road, you can reach us round the clock via our MAN Mobile24 breakdown service or at over 2000 workshops around Europe.

MAN service outlets

MAN Trucknology Generation®

Commercial vehicles bearing the MAN logo have been in use on roads and construction sites around the world for over 100 years. The MAN Trucknology® Generation success story began in 2000. Since then, the challenges faced by the haulage industry have changed dramatically. We understand these challenges, and with our visionary solutions we are the ideal partner to stand by your side.

MAN Trucknology Generation<sup>®</sup>

MAN Individual

MAN Individual delivers vehicle solutions for special requirements and builds your MAN TGX exactly to your specifications. Custom décor, extra headlights and built-in kitchen with coffee machine and microwave are only the beginning. We build you exactly the MAN that you need. The one you want.

MAN Individual

Always connected – fully digital thanks to MAN DigitalServices.

A new electronic architecture allows your new MAN TGX to be fully integrated into your digital ecosystem. Intelligent vehicle data analysis provides support in fleet management and maintenance planning, ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Choose from a variety of digital offers and select the right features to suit your business and enhance your efficiency.

Always connected – fully digital thanks to MAN DigitalServices.

MAN Individual Lion. A unique solution.

A truck is more than a vehicle – for drivers it is a valuable companion, and for companies an important flagship for their brand. The MAN Individual Lion combines striking design with impressive comfort. With its numerous comfort and convenience features and attractive interior lighting, MAN’s most spacious cab offers an unrivalled sense of home and well-being. The LED daytime driving lights and prominent sunblind make the MAN Individual Lion a real eye-catcher. Upon request, the luxurious features can be extended to include additional exclusive solutions such as practical storage elements.

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MAN Individual Lion

Introducing the new MAN TGX.

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