Sports sponsoring

Sports sponsoring at MAN

Sports sponsoring at MAN

Motivation, team spirit and efficiency: What distinguishes top athletes comes naturally for those at MAN as well. That's why our commitment for team and motorsports has started many years ago. As a sponsor, we ensure that the bus of a football team is as top notch as the team itself, and the equipment of winter- and motorsports professionals is always where it is needed.

Wax truck of the German Skiing Association

Commercial vehicle partner for winter sports

Special solutions are also needed as part of winter sports sponsoring. In this case, MAN ensures that the equipment used by the national biathlon and cross-country ski teams arrives punctually at the intended venue, even in extreme weather conditions. Thanks to a special wax trailer, the skiers can also use the MAN TGX as a wax truck.

Björn Loose, Holger Mandel, Mattias Ekström, and Heinz-Jürgen Löw (from left to right) handing over the TGX D38

Sports Sponsorship in Motor Sport

MAN has been supporting the EKS Performance AB team and Mattias Ekström since 2014 with semitrailer tractors for the transportation of their racing vehicles. Furthermore, MAN is a long-time commercial vehicle partner of Audi Sport, transporting DTM and LMP vehicles and the full racing equipment as well.

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