MAN Truck & Bus Middle East showcases comprehensive array of innovative new products, services and programs at the Big 5 Expo

MAN launches new MAN TGS WW 6x4 tractor head exclusively designed for the region

On the opening day of the Big 5 Expo, the Middle East’s largest building and construction show in Dubai, MAN Truck & Bus highlighted a comprehensive array of innovative new products, services and programs aimed at reducing the total costs of ownership (TCO) for companies in the construction and building industry to help them become consistently efficient with their transport fleets.

At the Big 5, MAN launched the new MAN TGS WW 6x4 tractor head which has been exclusively designed for the region in addition to displaying the MAN TGS WW 6x4 rigid tipper, Top Used products as well as the ProfiDrive® Training which will be backed by a comprehensive range of seminars on benefits of the training for customers. The presence of a unique simulator at its stand will be a big draw for customers who can witness the benefits of basic and advanced training in a simulated environment. The simulator allows a person to be completely immersed in virtual reality with onscreen projection directly onto the window of the driver's cab.

According to David van Graan, Head of the MAN Center Middle East and Vice President Sales & Marketing, “The Big 5 Expo is a significant event for us and we appreciate the regional impact of the exhibition to attract customers from the entire Middle East and to bundle different sectors of the industry under one roof. Over the years, MAN trucks have consistently fulfilled the highly demanding needs of customers in the construction sector in Middle East with their efficient operation and ruggedness combined with high payload. Our participation this year reflects MAN’s innovative technology, product superiority and focus for the region with customised products specifically developed for our customers here based on their feedback as highlighted by the MAN TGS WW 6x4 tractor head.”

The new MAN TGS WW 6x4 tractor head combines traction and long haul Operation with dynamic MAN Aero Package and MAN TipMatic for more efficiency. MAN combines these features with its strong traction chassis for off-road applications to cater to the tough road conditions across the Middle East.

The MAN Aero Package leads to optimized air flow through improved aero dynamics to reduce fuel consumption by approximately 3%. The MAN TipMatic system also leads to reduced fuel consumption by upto 5% and reduced operator costs through optimized gear shifting. The system leads to less wear and tear on the driveline while preventing driver errors and damage to the driveline particularly with less experienced drivers. It also leads to long clutch service life.

The MAN TGS WW 6x4 rigid tipper provides comfort with more fuel efficiency through the MAN/ ZF 16 speed manual gear box for easy shifting. It features a pneumatic gear change servo for easy gear change, electric controlled brake system with ABS and the latest state-of-the-art common rail diesel engine. It also has a new day cabin for more driving comfort with high quality interior materials comparable to high class passenger cars and lots of storage space for the driver.

At the Big 5, MAN will also hold ProfiDrive® Training seminars for various target segments such as HGV drivers, bus drivers, vehicle fleet managers, driving instructors etc to raise awareness on the benefits of ProfiDrive® Training. The training can lead to a 10 % reduction in fuel consumption alone through better vehicle handling and economical driving techniques. MAN has more than 30 years of experience with the ProfiDrive® training and currently conducts this in more than 25 countries around the world.

Visitors to the MAN stand will also get to know more about MAN TopUsed service which can provide high quality, used commercial vehicles from MAN for regional customers. Customers who buy TopUsed vehicles get a purchase warranty which gives them top quality vehicles at a fair price while being thoroughly checked and certified from MAN. The comprehensive range of top-class used vehicles include all models and types of trucks, buses and coaches. Customers can also benefit from a range of services such as advisory service, financing options and servicing packages.

At the stand, MAN is also displaying its powerful diesel engine for Trucks D2676FL01 which has maximum power of 480hp / 353 kW, displacement of 12,5l and meets Euro 4 emission norms. From a spare parts perspective, customers can get to know more about MAN Genuine Parts® which come with 12 months worldwide warranty, certified safety and maximum durability. MAN will also be displaying its MAN Genuine Parts® ecoline range which consists of remanufactured parts that offer a cost-effective alternative for older MAN vehicles, while meeting stringent MAN quality standards. Through the ecoline range which comes with a comprehensive warranty, MAN can help customers get vehicles back on the road more quickly because replacing parts is easier than repair.