MAN cargo distribution transport vehicles

MAN TGL with box body in a residential area next to a river

Your benefits

  • Cost-cutting efficiency technologies
  • Significant payload advantage
  • Ultra low frame height
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Environmentally friendly engine technology
  • Flexibility for body manufacturers

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MAN trucks for cargo transport - packed with efficiency.

Whether haulage for retail, moving companies or parcel delivery services: If you transport cargo, all types of goods must reach their destination safely and on time - from one pallet up to a full truck load. However, heavy inner-city traffic, narrow access routes and double parking make delivering the ordered goods in large cities especially difficult and require precise manoeuvring.

Thanks to their low loading dock, customised gear-shift strategies, fuel efficient engines and special bodies for haulage as standard, MAN trucks lift your transport efficiency in cargo transport to a new level.

Your challenge. Our solution.

Tough price competition

Haulage and transport companies have to face a twofold challenge: End consumers expect a delivery exactly to their requirements and on time while shippers want to reduce their warehouse costs, meaning that haulage companies have to transport increasingly small amounts at shorter time intervals. This makes it just the more important for transport companies to further reduce their overall costs. One of the most important determining factors is and remains the fuel consumption.

Cost-cutting efficiency technologies

To ensure that your company can stay on the fast lane, the technologies in our MAN trucks get even more out of every drop of fuel for you: The MAN TipMatic® automated gearbox calculates the optimal gear-shift strategy based on various indicators. The GPS-guided cruise control system MAN EfficientCruise® recognises inclines and downward slopes up to three kilometres ahead and adjusts the driving style accordingly. This significantly reduces your fuel consumption.

More about MAN TipMatic®

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Increased transport capacity

In order to leave cost pressures behind, transport capacity must be increased. After all, each additional kilo of payload means more revenue per order.

High payload advantage

The weight-optimised design of MAN trucks allows them to transport more payload and helps them score points for flexible load volume. This means that our trucks reliably bring in your profits.

Hard physical labour

Truck drivers perform hard physical labour, and not just during their daily time behind the wheel: there is also the loading and unloading process at the customer. Many companies have cut down on personnel at the loading bay. Instead, the drivers have to load and unload the delivery themselves. A delivery driver climbs into the loading area of his vehicle many times per day - and masters plenty of metres in height.

Ultra low frame height

To ensure that your drivers can accomplish more per round without wearing themselves out, we have designed the MAN truck for cargo transport with an ultra-low frame height of just 920 mm. In addition, our electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS), which allows for the vehicle to be lowered by up to 20 cm, makes it easier to load roller containers and forklifts. Cabs with extremely low entrance heights, wide-opening doors and easy access to the co-driver’s side are designed to make work more pleasant.

Heavy inner-city traffic

Stop and go traffic, narrow access roads, lack of parking - delivering during rush hour times means overcoming many hurdles. In order to still be able to get around well inside the city, easy-to-move vehicles with high levels of manoeuvrability are required.

Excellent manoeuvrability

To ensure that you can always keep your timing, MAN trucks make sure that your drivers can get through even the heaviest traffic. With short wheelbases or steered trailing axles, our vehicles have an impressively tight turning circle. Manoeuvring is made easier with the DM, RM gearshift program of our MAN TipMatic® automated gearbox.

More about MAN TipMatic®

Higher risk of accidents

Safety is a particularly important factor in cargo transport, with its heterogeneous, sometimes fragile or very heavy load units.

Important safety technologies

To ensure that you are always on the safe side, MAN trucks are equipped with smart driver assistance systems - such as the Lane Guard System or Advanced Emergency Braking System. For maximum protection of driver and load.

More about the Lane Guard System

More about the Advanced Emergency Braking System

Load safety versus payload

In cargo transport, robust vehicle bodies are essential for safety as well as economical reasons. After all, damaged loads can cause high costs. At the same time, vehicle body solutions are supposed to be lightweight so that they allow for maximum payload.

Efficient vehicle body systems ex works

We fulfil your high demands on safety and efficient vehicle bodies for your cargo. MAN even offers many solution ex works. There is a selection of dry-freight box, flatbed/tarpaulin and sliding tarpaulin bodies.

The right MAN for every job

Discover our top models for cargo transport.

MAN TGL front view


The saying 'multi-talented' was invented for this truck. With its high payload, low fuel consumption and its extreme manoeuvrability, the MAN TGL ensures that you are always on the right track, even during demanding city tours.

MAN TGM front view


It is as versatile as your cargo. Thanks to its new generation of engines, the MAN TGM brings even more transport capacity and reliability to the road, making it a robust, reliable and efficient partner for your day-to-day logistics.

MAN TGS front view


Our specialist for difficult missions. The MAN TGS combines an enormous payload with powerful engines and a wide variety of drive configurations. The MAN TGS - a powerful delivery expert that takes your load reliably to its destination.

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The new MAN CitE
The new MAN CitE

With its avant-garde exterior, the truck resembles a work of art, and combines ergonomics and safety to provide high efficiency. This is complemented by innovation, driven by clean and quiet electromobility.

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The new MAN eTGM
The new MAN eTGM

The new, environmentally-friendly MAN eTruck has no shortcomings in terms of payload and efficiency compared with models with internal combustion engines. It combines climate protection with performance and is the future of inner-city distribution transport.

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Additional application segments in long-haul and distribution transport

Does your business also cover other areas of long-haul and distribution transport beyond cargo transport? Then the MAN vehicle solutions for the following application segments might be of interest to you.

Beverage transport: MAN TGM beverage truck in front of a restaurant


MAN trucks for beverage transport deliver the highest level of transport efficiency in every case.

Food transport: MAN TGS articulated refrigerated transport vehicle on a rural road


MAN trucks for food transport impress with efficiency à la carte.

Liquid and gas transport: MAN TGS tanker truck in front of silos

Liquids & gases

MAN trucks for liquid and gas transport are full to the brim with smart ideas.