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MAN TGS tanker truck on a country road in rural setting

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  • Cost-saving efficiency technologies
  • Tank specific preparations
  • Maximum safety standards
  • Exceptional manoeuvrability

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MAN tank and silo trucks - full to the brim with intelligent solutions

Whether it is fuel, industrial gas or foodstuffs such as milk and flour - MAN vehicles are the perfect choice for transporting liquids and silo goods. With low fuel consumption, they stand for maximum efficiency in terms of operating and maintenance costs.

As an industry expert, you know yourself how strict the quality and safety regulations for your transports are. Our MAN trucks stand for exemplary vehicle safety and combine dynamic driving performance with exceptional handling and exceptional comfort.

Your challenge. Our solution.

Maximum load volume

When transporting petrol, diesel, heating oil and gas, the only thing that counts is what is inside the tank. Because these goods are invoiced by the quantity delivered. This means: the more load a vehicle can transport, the better the revenue. Each additional litre brings additional profit.

High payload

We consistently invest in light-weight construction to make sure that you can carry more load per trip. With a full tank and industry-specific equipment, our tank and silo trucks still put a weighty advantage on the road. For you this means: high increase in payload and consequently larger profits.

Tough competition

The market for the transport of dangerous goods is associated with more expenditures in terms of safety than other areas of the transport sector. There is high competitive pressure. If you want to have an edge for the next order, it is essential to increase the payload and at the same time reduce the fuel consumption.

Cost-cutting efficiency technologies

To make sure that you can stay in the fast lane with your business, we put the brakes on costs with various fuel saving measures: The electronic, manually operated gearbox MAN TipMatic® calculates the optimal gear-shift strategy based on various indicators. The GPS-controlled cruise control system MAN EfficientCruise® recognises inclines and downward slopes up to three kilometres ahead and adjusts the driving style accordingly. This means you can drastically reduce your fuel consumption.

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Payload versus safety

In the tough payload business, top marks are scored by body solutions with a low unladen weight. However, especially the transport of liquids and gases requires robust bodies which provide maximum safety.

First class is standard

We fulfil your high demands on safety and efficient vehicle bodies. MAN offers various custom-made solutions, e.g. for milk tankers and tanker trucks, as standard ex-works. Individual customer requirements are implemented by MAN Individual to the highest professional and technical standards.

High demands and tough regulations

The highest priority in road traffic is the safety of all road users. Increasing traffic density places growing demands on truck drivers - in urban areas as well as on the motorway. A special case in terms of safety is the transport of dangerous goods - one of the most tightly controlled transport sectors of all.

Maximum safety standards

MAN dangerous goods transporters are equipped with a digital tachograph as well as a fire skirt, a battery-emergency-off switch and a tanker socket on board. In addition, all MAN trucks feature intelligent safety systems such as Adaptive Cruise Control, a Lane Guard System and Advanced Emergency Braking System, as well as the attention assist system MAN AttentionGuard for optimum protection of your driver and other road users.

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Limited access routes

Inside cities, small towns and villages, conditions can be pretty narrow and cramped at times. This calls for vehicles which are easy to steer and manoeuvre.

Optimum manoeuvrability

With short wheelbases and steered trailing axles, our vehicles have a particularly small turning circle. Manoeuvring in tight spaces is supported by the gearshift programs DM, RM of our automated gearbox MAN TipMatic®.

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The right MAN for every job

Discover our top models for liquid and gas transport.

MAN TGL front view


The MAN TGL is our multi-talented expert for short-haul and distribution transport. With its high payload, low fuel consumption and extreme manoeuvrability, the MAN TGL ensures that everything runs smoothly on the road, even in heavy inner-city traffic.

MAN TGM front view


The MAN TGM is as versatile as your day-to-day challenges. Thanks to its new generation of engines, the MAN TGM is bringing even more transport capacity and reliability to the roads. This makes it a robust, reliable and efficient partner for transporting liquids and gases.

MAN TGS front view


The MAN TGS is our specialist for difficult missions. It combines an unrivalled payload with powerful engines and a wide variety of drive configurations. The MAN TGS – a power package that gives full throttle to ensure the success of your liquid and gas transport business.

MAN TGX front view


The MAN TGX is our expert when it comes to top economic efficiency in liquid and gas transport. The TGX can get even more out of every drop of fuel thanks to its drive system, which is specially designed for efficiency and performance: more distance, more torque, more power.

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The new MAN CitE
The new MAN CitE

With its avant-garde exterior, the truck resembles a work of art, and combines ergonomics and safety to provide high efficiency. This is complemented by innovation, driven by clean and quiet electromobility.

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The new MAN eTGM
The new MAN eTGM

The new, environmentally-friendly MAN eTruck has no shortcomings in terms of payload and efficiency compared with models with internal combustion engines. It combines climate protection with performance and is the future of inner-city distribution transport.

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Additional application segments in the areas of long-haul or distribution transport

Does your business cover other areas of long-haul and distribution transport beyond the transport of liquids and gases? Then the MAN vehicle solutions for the following application segments might be of interest to you.

Beverage transport: MAN TGM beverage transporter in front of a restaurant


MAN trucks for beverage transport deliver the highest level of transport efficiency in every case.

Food transport: MAN TGS articulated refrigerated transport vehicle on a rural road


MAN trucks for food transport impress with efficiency à la carte.

Cargo transport: MAN TGL with box body in a residential area next to a river


MAN trucks for cargo transport are packed with efficiency.