MAN TGX semitrailer on road with mountains in the background

Long-haul transport

Leave the competition behind you on long-haul routes. With MAN trucks, which rank among the most reliable and economical on the market.

MAN trucks for long-haul transport consistently curb unnecessary costs.

To have a successful run in long-haul transport, it is important to put the brakes on costs. With low-consumption engines and intelligent efficiency systems, MAN trucks significantly lower your TCO and take you one step closer to your profit target.

MAN fuel-efficient engines

Fuel-efficient engines

The powerful MAN engines set new standards in terms of fuel consumption thanks to a multitude of innovative measures.

MAN innovative efficiency systems

Innovative efficiency systems

Our MAN TipMatic® automated gearbox can help you save up to 9% of fuel, and another 6% of savings are possible with our GPS-guided cruise control system MAN EfficientCruise®.

More about MAN TipMatic®

More about MAN EfficientCruise®

MAN maximum reliability

Maximum reliability

Since 2012, MAN trucks have scored high marks in the TÜV reports - earning them a place among the most reliable and durable trucks on the market.

Discover the various fields of application

Standard transport: MAN TGX semitrailer in hilly countryside at night

MAN trucks for standard transport offer you a full load of efficiency.

To the MAN standard long-haul vehicles
Volume transport: MAN TGX large-volume truck in warehouse

MAN trucks for large-volume transport offer you space for even more load.

To the MAN volume transporters
Food transport: MAN TGS articulated refrigerated transport vehicle on a rural road

MAN trucks for food transport impress with efficiency à la carte.

To the MAN refrigerated goods vehicles
Long-haul transport: MAN TGX articulated beverage truck in front of a warehouse

MAN trucks for beverage transport deliver the highest level of transport efficiency in every case.

To the MAN beverage transporters
Liquid and gas transport: MAN TGS tanker truck on a country road in rural setting
Liquids & gases

MAN trucks for liquid and gas transport are full to the brim with good ideas.

To the MAN tanker and silo vehicles
Special applications: MAN TGS car transporter loaded with cars on a rural road

MAN trucks for car transport get cars moving.

To the MAN special long-haul vehicles

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More application segments

Does your business cover areas beyond long-haul transport? Then the MAN vehicle solutions for the following application segments might be of interest to you.

Distribution transport: Fleet of MAN TG vehicles on an urban motorway

Distribution transport

MAN trucks for distribution transport deliver everything and offer a lot.

Construction site and concrete: MAN TGS tipper on a construction site at sunset

Construction site & concrete

MAN trucks for construction site traffic are made for truly tough jobs.

Waste disposal and street cleaning: Fleet of MAN TG communal vehicles in urban setting at night

Waste disposal & street cleaning

MAN trucks for communal waste disposal and cleaning impress with their clean performance.

MAN TGM fire engine drives through village at high speed

Fire department & emergency services

MAN trucks for fire departments and emergency services are red-hot for their job.

Special applications: MAN TGX heavy-duty truck under a bridge at night

Special applications

MAN truck for special applications are experts in the exceptional.