MAN standard long-haul transport vehicles

MAN TGX semitrailer on a mountainous rural road at night

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  • Fuel-efficient engines
  • Innovative efficiency technologies
  • TÜV-certified reliability
  • Comfortable work and rest areas

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MAN standard long-haul transport vehicles - full-scale efficiency.

Competition and cost pressure, tight schedules, increasing traffic - the challenges of long-haul transport are tough. Our industry-specific vehicle concepts help you to master these challenges in the best way possible.

MAN long-haul transport vehicles combine exemplary economic efficiency with outstanding reliability, maximum payload and excellent driving comfort. Leave your competition behind - with transport efficiency that sets new standards in long-haul transport.

Your challenge. Our solution.

Smaller margins

While expenses for salaries, taxes and toll fees are continuing to rise, profits in long-haul transport are rather in decline due to the heavy competition. In order to be successful against this kind of backdrop, the total cost of ownership of a vehicle has to be kept as low as possible. The most important determining factor here is the fuel consumption, which makes up approximately 30% of your TCO.

Fuel-efficient engines

Our D26 and D38 engines offer you an additional output of 20 HP and 200 Nm more torque than their predecessors - and that with a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 2.5%. For even more economic efficiency, our MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 is the choice for you. Thanks to its fuel-saving components, it saves you an extra 6.35% in comparison to its predecessor.

More about the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3

Cost-optimised order processing

The global average distance covered in European long-haul transport each day is approximately 500 km. Choosing the right gears and changing gears in good time can lead to substantial fuel savings on each route. However, this savings potential is often not fully exploited.

Innovative efficiency technology

Our MAN TipMatic® gearbox reduces your fuel consumption by up to 9% by automatically selecting the optimal gear-shift strategy. Additional savings of up to 6% can be achieved with our MAN EfficientCruise® GPS-guided cruise control system, which adjusts speed and gear-shift timing to the route ahead of you. The MAN EfficientRoll function, which automatically shifts to neutral on downhill gradients, reduces fuel consumption even further.

More about MAN TipMatic®

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Booming online trade

According to industry experts, the revenue generated from online sales will see record-breaking increases in the coming years. The majority of goods is transported with trucks. Even though modern trucks put significantly less strain on the environment, overall pollution levels are rising due to the increasing amount of vehicles.

Environmentally friendly exhaust gas reduction

MAN trucks transport your goods with the environment in mind: The combination of fuel efficient common rail injection, diesel particulate filter (DPF/CRT), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and a two-stage exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) reduces CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 40%. If you want to be even more environmentally friendly, why not use biodiesel for your MAN fleet?

High availability

Competition in long-haul transport is tough. Every order counts. Downtime due to unplanned repairs mean a loss in profit. After all, a vehicle only makes money when it is out on the road. This is why high fleet availability is a top priority in the transport business.

TÜV-certified reliability

Since 2012, MAN trucks have been earning good results in the TÜV report. Our vehicles have proven to have a low fault ratio for all safety-relevant components, such as vehicle body, chassis, light system, brake system, driveline and visibility. Our particularly reliable and durable vehicles keep your fleet on the road to success.

A workplace fit for all requirements

The job of a truck driver in long-haul transport is characterised by long and irregular working hours, constant time and deadline pressure, as well as high levels of physical strain. In order to keep drivers healthy and efficient, their work place must be optimally equipped.

Comfortable work and rest areas

We have completely re-designed the interior of our driver’s cabs. For example the cockpit, with intuitive switch concept, ergonomic comfort seat, practical stowage compartments and air conditioning system, is optimally tuned to fulfil the requirements of long haul routes. The rest area of the spacious driver’s cab is equipped with high-quality beds, fitted with slatted frames as standard, and comes with plenty of stowage and storage options for maximum comfort.

The right MAN for every job

Discover our top models for standard long-haul transport.

MAN TGX front view

MAN TGX – economy at its best

With its drivetrain trimmed for efficiency and high performance, the MAN TGX gets even more out of every drop of fuel for you: more distance, more torque, more power. For you that means that reaching your profit targets is a matter of course, especially on long-haul routes.

MAN TGS front view

MAN TGS – the tough one

This is our specialist for difficult missions in standard long-haul transport. The MAN TGS combines an unrivalled payload with powerful engines and a wide variety of drive configurations. The MAN TGS – a power package that gives full throttle on every kilometre to ensure the success of your business.

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More application segments in long-haul transport

Does your business also cover other areas of long-haul transport beyond standard long-haul transport? Then the MAN vehicle solutions for the following application segments might be of interest to you.

Beverage transport: MAN TGM beverage transporter in front of a restaurant


MAN trucks for beverage transport deliver the highest level of transport efficiency in every case.

Food transport: MAN TGS articulated refrigerated transport vehicle on a rural road


MAN trucks for food transport impress with efficiency à la carte.

Liquid and gas transport: MAN TGS tanker truck in front of silos

Liquids & gases

MAN trucks for liquid and gas transport are full to the brim with good ideas.

Volume transport: MAN TGX large-volume truck in warehouse


MAN trucks for large-volume transport offer maximum space for your load.

Special transport: MAN TGS car transporter loaded with cars on a rural road


MAN truck for special transport are experts in the exceptional.