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MAN TGX large-volume truck in warehouse

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  • Optimal interior height
  • Economical engines
  • Innovative efficiency systems
  • Ultimate driving comfort
  • Wide range of driver’s cabs

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MAN volume transporters - plenty of space for a full load.

The key to success in volume transport is a combination of maximum loading capacity and low consumption values. We have provided an extremely low frame height, which means you can load more than ever.

Increase your load and lower your consumption - with our industry-specific solutions for volume transport.

Your challenge. Our solution.

Required interior height

Standardised pallet cages and transport racks mean that the required interior height in volume transport is 3 metres. This height allows for three pallet cages to be stacked on top of each other, for example.

Ultra low frame height

The ultra-low frame height, combined with a particularly small rear axle tyre size, make it possible for our MAN models to offer a full three-metre load height with a loading height of 930 millimetres. The ideal conditions for you to increase your profits with more load volume

Maximum loading capacity

Competition is getting tougher and the margins are dropping. For you this means that the more goods you can transport during each run, the better.

100 m3 load volume

So that you can get the maximum gain out of every order, our models offer you a semitrailer load volume of up to 100 m3. More room for more load - for more profit at the end of the day.

Reduced operating costs

Fuel consumption constitutes approximately 30% of your operating costs. Each extra drop of fuel that your truck uses reduces your profit.

Innovative efficiency systems

The intelligent gearbox MAN TipMatic® and the GPS guided cruise control system MAN EfficientCruise® offer you a fuel savings potential of up to 15%. An additional reduction in your TCO is achieved by the wear-free retarder in combination with MAN TipMatic® which reduces the strain on your service break and prevents unnecessary maintenance costs.

More about MAN EfficientCruise®

More about MAN TipMatic®

Effectively reduce your TCO

Well-equipped working area

Drivers spent around 130,000 kilometres per year behind the wheel. To deliver maximum performance, they need an optimally equipped work place.

Top driving comfort

Intuitively operated functions, an ergonomically designed cockpit and a large and comfortable rest area transform every MAN driver’s cab into a mobile living space that gives frequent drivers a homely feeling away from home.

More about the interior

Relaxing rest times

To master the demanding job behind the wheel, it is essential to be wide awake. This is why it is particularly important in long-haul transport that drivers get the rest they need in order to be prepared for the next part of their journey.

Versatile driver’s cabs

Our different driver’s cab versions ensure that your drivers can fully relax during breaks. We offer versatile options: from the compact M driver’s cab to the XXL driver’s cab - the largest cab in Europe. It comes with a standing height of 2,100 mm, two comfort beds and plenty of storage space.

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The right MAN for every job

Discover our top models for volume transport.

MAN TGX front view


The MAN TGX is our expert when it comes to top economic efficiency in volume transport. The drive system is specially conceptualised for efficiency and performance, which means that the TGX can get more out of every drop of fuel for you. With every kilometre that passes, our long-haul champion takes you closer and closer to your profit target in volume transport.

MAN TGS front view


The MAN TGS is our specialist for demanding missions. It combines an unrivalled payload with powerful engines and a wide variety of drive configurations. A power package that gives full throttle to ensure the success of your volume transport business.

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More application segments in long-haul transport

Does your business cover other areas of long-haul transport beyond volume transport? Then the MAN vehicle solutions for the following application segments might be of interest to you.

Beverage transport: MAN TGM beverage transporter in front of a restaurant


MAN trucks for beverage transport deliver the highest level of transport efficiency in every case.

Food transport: MAN TGS articulated refrigerated transport vehicle on a rural road


MAN trucks for food transport impress with efficiency à la carte.

Liquid and gas transport: MAN TGS tanker truck in front of silos

Liquids & gases

MAN trucks for liquid and gas transport are full to the brim with good ideas.

Liquid and gas transport: MAN TGS tanker truck in front of silos


MAN trucks for standard transport offer you a full load of efficiency.

Special transport: MAN TGS car transporter loaded with cars on a rural road


MAN trucks for vehicle transport get cars moving.