The future of inner-city distribution transport

Urbanity re-imagined.
The new MAN CitE

The concept of the MAN CitE

Design award for MAN CitE

Winner of the gold iF Design Award 2019 in the category “Professional Concept Mobility”

  • Innovative and future-oriented: a completely re-imagined urban distribution truck
  • Intelligent battery and charging management
  • Driver’s workplace with optimized ergonomics and a full all-round view
  • Clearly defined body and stile elements

The new versatility of the city

Curtain up for the new CitE concept truck from MAN. The future of city delivery transport is an elegant performer. With its avant-garde exterior, the truck resembles a work of art, and combines ergonomics and safety to provide high efficiency. This is complemented by innovation, driven by clean and quiet electromobility. Designed with our customers, made for our customers. The perfect truck for urban delivery and distribution transport, and a pioneering concept for the green city of tomorrow. With the CitE18 concept presented at the IAA 2018, we as MAN have shown what the "ideal" urban truck for freight transport will look like. The CitE18 is an outlook on the future of zero-emission freight transport in cities. The CitE concept will be integrated into our upcoming eMobility vehicles.

Streets ahead in design – the city truck of the future

Pioneering. In every form

Safety, ergonomics and design are the focus – with its fully reconceptualised vehicle and interior concept, the CitE has many ergonomic advantages and smart innovations, including the lowest entry and exit points on the market, large door openings and perfect 360° visibility.

Safety on the road

Safe. With new ideas

Thanks to a low seat position and wide, low windows, the driver always has a clear view of pedestrians and cyclists. The fully enclosed surfaces ensure that the risk of injury is minimised in the event of contact with a person.

Powered by electricity – for less smog in cities

Efficient. Zero emissions

With 0% emissions, the CitE is an extremely clean and quiet mode of urban distribution transport, meaning that more night-time deliveries can be made. This is made possible by a 220-kW electric motor. Depending on how it’s driven, the CitE can cover a distance of up to 100 km.

The Augmented Reality App for download

The CitE within your reach – on the AR app

See the CitE – and be amazed. On the MAN Augmented Reality App, you can find out all the exciting information on this vehicle highlight for yourself. Just download the app and experience the CitE at its very best.

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Design – tailored to each driver

The workplace of the future

Functional, safe, ergonomically sophisticated – all of these are key features of the MAN CitE concept. A huge step forward in the future design of truck interiors.

A multitude of innovations make your journeys more efficient

Innovation is in the detail

The CitE is full of clever innovations that make it a sought-after piece of equipment, e.g.:

  • Pleasant light for working thanks to functional ambient lighting
  • Air-conditioning and seat ventilation for that little something extra in driver comfort
  • The system functions as an ‘extra eye’, using a camera-based mirror replacement system with displays and a 360° BirdView
  • An optimised storage space concept with some illuminated storage compartments within the driver’s reach
  • An easy-fold co-driver's seat including 3-point belt for optimal access to the co-driver's door, which helps avoid traffic

Barrier-free access at a low height

The best way to get into electromobility

The lowest entry and exit points on the market, at a height of 35 cm, and the wide door openings ensure quick and easy boarding and disembarking. The driver’s seat can also be accessed quickly and easily from the co-driver’s side past the self-folding co-driver's seat, without having to stoop, keeping the driver safe from traffic on the driver’s side.

The modern workplace of the future

Comfort with brains

The driver’s workplace is optimised to the driver; all the displays are in the driver’s direct line of vision, all the switches are arranged in logically and all the storage compartments are easy to reach. A valuable ergonomic edge in a demanding distribution job.

An all-round view for greater road safety

Everything is always in view

The driver’s field of vision is optimally tailored to an urban environment. With the asymmetrical windscreen, the driver always has a clear view of traffic lights and a clear view ahead when exiting. In addition, direct eye contact with pedestrians and cyclists helps the driver to maintain an overview in the sometimes-hectic hustle and bustle of a city. The low seat position gives the driver a significant advantage in terms of safety since they are at eye level with weaker road users and can therefore make direct eye contact with them from both sides.

All the information on the electric truck at a glance

Practical, electronic aids

The integrated digital display shows useful storage and consumption data for the CitE in modern, easy-to-understand formats. For example, the charge level can also be displayed and checked in real-time during the charging process.

A smarter journey with digital devices

Integration of external equipment

Thanks to the universal retaining device in the instrument panel, it is easy for the customer to attach their own digital equipment such as tablets, smartphones, etc. to the dashboard.

Sophisticated forms

Even from far away, you can see the pioneering design language that will shape the urban landscape of the future: Modular, versatile and low construction – for maximum efficiency in urban delivery transport. All this makes it ahead of its time, particularly in terms of design, technology and innovations.

The CitE – an innovation in urban goods transport

Urban revolution in its most elegant form

The CitE already stands out from the rest as a concept vehicle. Even though the main focus of its design is on efficiency and safety in urban traffic, the vehicle takes on a pioneering role primarily thanks to a host of new style elements. From the fully enclosed surfaces that minimise the risk of a collision, to its spacious and aesthetically pleasing cab with a modern door concept, right through to the iconic features of a genuine MAN truck, everything follows a functional but also progressive design language.

A design phenomenon – logistics has never looked so good

Bright prospects

When viewed from the front, you will see a fully electric truck, which unmistakably ties in with the elegant design language of the large MAN truck family. Genuine MAN vehicles are easily identified through the iconic chrome bar. At the same time, the many innovative accents such as the characteristic, elegantly curved LED daytime driving lights give the truck a completely new face that will light up the city of tomorrow.

Maximum width doors – for extra space

Curtain up for perfection

The innovative entry and exit concept opens up all doors in a very literal sense. The clearance width of the swing/sliding doors provides maximum safety and room to move, without having to stoop. The co-driver’s door can also be opened from the driver’s workplace at the touch of a button, which is ideal for avoiding the traffic on the driver’s side. This greatly improves the driver’s personal safety in the sometimes-hectic world of distribution transport.

Collision prevention from a bird’s eye perspective

Greater safety all round

The MAN CitE is equipped with a 360° BirdView system. This shows an all-round view of the whole vehicle from a bird’s-eye view. The display is switched to show the integrated radio/navigation system depending on the speed. This means that the driver can avoid any obstacles or people in the immediate vicinity both when driving slowly and when manoeuvring. Collisions are effectively prevented before they occur.

Large surfaces for fewer collisions and more advertising space

It all runs smoothly

The all-over design concept of the CitE provides several advantages, with the fully enclosed surfaces ensuring that the risk of injury is minimised in the unlikely event of contact with a person. At the same time, underlying crash structures provides the highest stability and safety, primarily for the batteries. In addition, the large surfaces provide the best possible conditions for vehicle signage and advertising messages. Perfect for every city truck.

Rechargeable batteries with enough power for long distances

Clean power – long range

With the pioneering, powerful electric motor and an intelligent battery and charging concept, the CitE is driving towards a clean future – and getting ahead of the competition.

Moving forward with MAN innovation

The alternative drive technology is an integral part of the new vehicle concept. Completely free of exhaust and noise emissions, it provides a better quality of life in urban areas and a tangible competitive edge.

The e-drive with optimal power


The e-motor has up to 290 kW peak performance: a lot of power for a 6-t payload with a permissible gross weight of 15 t. In addition, this e-drive does not need an engine tunnel, which is ideal for ensuring there is ample room to move around in the cab.

From current to maximum range with power

100 km and above

The battery capacity of 110 kWh allows for a reliable range of over 100 km, which is more than sufficient for urban delivery and distribution transport.

Charging stations no longer needed thanks to overnight charging

Overnight charging

Thanks to smart overnight charging, the CitE always starts the new working day full of energy. This means there is no longer any need for long periodic charging breaks. You can, however, still charge using the standardised CCS charging cables if necessary.

The clean solution to pollutant limits

0% emissions

Environmentally friendly and smart: the CitE is an ultra-silent answer to constantly rising traffic volumes, ever stricter pollutant limits and bans on night-time deliveries.

As flexible as your business – the modular truck concept


Hardly anything else is as flexible as the CitE; the solo design provides an interface to all the different urban applications thanks to its varied options for modular superstructures.

The best project partners are our customers

The perfect e-truck, developed with customers

The MAN CitE is essentially a collaborative project. For this city truck, the most important thing was that our customers had a large say in the design; only then could we create a concept to meet the many specific, real-world requirements of urban delivery transport. The result was truly impressive – both in terms of efficiency and design, the CitE is setting new standards that will revolutionise the urban distribution transport of the future.

Rethinking flexibility

The concept of the CitE shines thanks to its modular design. This enables a multitude of potential practical applications in urban distribution transport. Whatever the task at hand, the CitE always has an answer.

The goods transported are always kept fresh and cool

Refrigerated transport

Refrigerators for temperature-controlled goods can be easily integrated and connected to the high-voltage power supply.

Everything delivered quickly and efficiently

Delivery service

The conventional method of delivery – but with significant advantages in terms of safety and ergonomics.

Even as a refuse collection vehicle it makes a clean impression

Waste management

Versatile, clean and quiet – the ideal conditions for a new generation of waste services.

Delivering parcels more quickly in rush hour traffic

Parcel service

The option to move between the cab and the transport module provides an efficient and quick solution.

The truck reinventing urban logistics

Reinventing the urban landscape

The city is breathing a sigh of relief – this is thanks to the electric MAN CitE improving the quality of life in urban areas. It possesses all the advantages that a true city truck needs to provide:

  • An e-drive that can make local emission-free deliveries almost without making a sound – ideal for night-time deliveries to supermarkets and for reducing noise-related stress
  • Increased safety for the driver, thanks to a lower seat position, large windows, ergonomic entry and exit points on both sides, and electronic aids such as a 360° BirdView and mirror replacement system
  • Optimal protection for pedestrians and cyclists thanks to enclosed surfaces, flush swing/sliding doors and eye contact with the driver
  • Low construction and an optimal turning circle for increasingly heavy city traffic


MAN M-PULSE: Sustainable mobility and efficient transport solutions

With the innovative motto M-PULSE, pioneer and visionary MAN delivers the deciding impulse for the transport world of tomorrow. At the core of this new motto lies sustainable mobility, an emission-free future and the discovery and implementation of efficient and economical transport solutions.

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