Join us and enter the digital future: With MAN DigitalServices on the RIO platform

Digitalisation is not an option. Digitalisation helps you to get the best out of your business. It’s easy because we make it easy: MAN DigitalServices are integrated into the cloud-based RIO ecosystem. The RIO platform serves as the technical foundation for all Connectivity solutions within the entire Tranton group. And because nobody knows our vehicles better than we do, we also develop tailor-made digital solutions for your MAN ourselves. With MAN DigitalServices you can always keep track of your vehicle data and individual analyses, no matter where you are. With MAN DigitalServices on the RIO platform, you can benefit from the advantages of digitalisation – ingeniously simple and simply ingenious.

There is a lot to do. We’re getting started.

Not everything that is digital is necessarily new. However, the way in which things are becoming so simple and straightforward is new. We are now embarking on the digitisation of MAN and are interconnecting our service offers. Use MAN DigitalServices.

Optimally connected: powered by RIO.

Together with our partner RIO, we guarantee the best possible interconnection of our services with other digital services. We are getting started, why not join in?

Good, better, digital. We are doing our utmost.

Our objective: to optimise all MAN services that can be made better and more efficient through digitisation. We are continuously analysing potential and expanding our service offer. The advantage for you: you profit with MAN DigitalServices. Look forward to more: more efficiency, more utilisation, more business.

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When it comes to the digital future, we have a strong partner: RIO, the first open, manufacturer-independent and cloud-based platform that can be used to book MAN DigitalServices. Let's get started together:
MAN DigitalServices – powered by RIO.

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Digital Services for the logistics and commercial vehicle sector.

The RIO platform brings together a diverse range of digital services for the entire transport and logistics ecosystem. The platform offers digital services for the commercial vehicle sector from manufacturers and partners as well as in-house technology solutions. These solutions allow you centralised access to a range of data about your fleet. As a prerequisite, all vehicles for which the services are to be used must be equipped with the RIO Box*.

Once you have registered online, you can book, change or add on digital services any time, anywhere. By registering your vehicle, you automatically activate the RIO Box and the basic RIO Essentials service free of charge. The digital future has already begun – be a part of it.

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We are putting digitisation on the road.


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MAN DigitalServices

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The original is the best.
We are digitising MAN.

Everything we do is optimised for your MAN trucks. That won't change, even in the future. All of the services that we can improve through digitisation are being optimised. We are the first manufacturer to work in close collaboration with RIO in order to enable networking of the entire transportation ecosystem.

RIO is the open, manufacturer-independent and cloud-based digital platform of the TB DigitalServices GmbH, a company of the Volkswagen Truck & Bus Group, offering connected supply chain solutions as well as third party services and functions. The objective is to increase your profitability and protect the environment by preventing unladen journeys. The best for your MAN.