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MAN Transport Solutions

With us, you can easily and economically benefit from using alternative drives

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Comprehensive advice for your successful switch to alternative drive systems

From acquiring the first electric truck to managing an integrated fleet mix – switching to alternative drive options raises a lot of questions. The 360° consultancy services from MAN Transport Solutions provide you with reliable answers. Competent and clear.

Network analysis and operational concept

Operational analysis and mobility concept

We analyse the current condition of your operations and fleet use. Taking into account all the influencing factors, we develop a tailor-made mobility concept for your cost-efficient transition to electromobility – on a step-by-step basis.

Operational planning and charging infrastructure

Charging infrastructure and energy supply

Together with you, we plan the layout of your charging infrastructure, simulate vehicle deployment and charging processes and develop the optimum energy supply strategy for your organisation.

Fleet integration and maintenance

Transition to eMobility and fleet integration

We advise you on the use and maintenance of your electric vehicles, support you in training your employees, and assist your service workshop as your expert partner.

Your requirements – our solution for you

Is my business on the right track?

My vehicle must remain reliably mobile – until the last customer at the end of every tour. Can an electric vehicle even manage that?

Precise and detailed analyses

We check whether and how a transition to electromobility is possible and expedient for you. We simulate routes and ranges and work out a cost-benefit comparison for you.

What charging technology do I need?

Restaurants, beverage retailers or supermarkets build upon our reliable and above all timely delivery. How can I ensure that the vehicle batteries are sufficiently charged for every journey?

Individually optimised charging strategy

We develop an organisation-specific concept for charging infrastructure and location layout for you. We create charging schedules and test savings potential in electricity procurement.

I want my deliveries to be future-proof!

My customers demand rapid and environmentally-friendly delivery services – ideally around the clock and everywhere in the city.

Stay mobile without emissions as part of your fleet mix

We optimise your delivery routes with respect to fully-electric vehicles in your fleet. And we will help you to take advantage of the benefits of electromobility for yourself: this also includes free passage through environmental zones and regardless of night-time driving prohibitions.









We manage your future-proof mobility

Our team of MAN experts will provide you with comprehensive support. We clarify all relevant queries with you in detail. We are here for you – from providing preliminary information to successfully implementing the concept.

The transition to electric drives is only expedient if the range and transportation capacity is sufficient. Many vehicles do not travel more than 80 to 120 kilometres when deployed in inner cities. If the average distance travelled per day is within this range, electromobility is a real option. However, you will also need to take other factors into account for reliable statements on possible applications and efficiency.

Crucial influencing factors with electromobility

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For your organisation, the transition to electromobility is more than just the replacement of one or more of your vehicles. It represents your introduction to the mobility of the future, with all the associated benefits. But “electric” also brings a series of changes into your organisation: from journey planning and daily charging right up to driving style and workshop equipment. Hence it is important that your employees and your service workshop are well prepared for it.

In collaboration with the MAN Academy, we provide training for your employees so that they can make optimal use of your electric vehicles. We inform you of possible risks and how to handle the electric vehicles properly in the event of an accident or a defect. And we are also available to your service workshops around the clock for all questions related to working on electric vehicles.

Whether you can achieve savings by switching to electric mobility as opposed to a conventionally-powered vehicle largely depends on the design of the energy supply. We test all possible means of cost optimisation for you. These include, for example, how you can exploit low-cost electricity purchasing times and avoid load peaks with staggered charging. Or how you can optimise power procurement costs by using and storing self-generated energy e.g. for charging the vehicle batteries.

The vehicle battery is another key component of electromobility. Its condition and its performance are decisive with respect to cost-efficient operation of electrified fleets.

It cannot be avoided that all batteries lose capacity and performance with increasing age. However, factors such as usage behaviour, maintenance and frequency of charging have a considerable influence on how quickly and to what degree the battery output is reduced. Optimised battery management is therefore an integral part of the concepts for your transition to electromobility.

Equipped with the right charging technology, your business premises will be the optimum base for your electric vehicles: charging the batteries after the end of a shift ensures a range of up to 200 km (according to the NEDC) on the following day. Your MAN eTruck can manage additional journeys on the same day if you e.g. charge up using a fast charging station during the lunch break. The CCS Combined Charging System with up to 150 kW charging current allows complete charging of the battery within a maximum of two hours.

The new MAN eTruck

The new, environmentally-friendly MAN eTruck has no shortcomings in terms of payload and efficiency compared to similar models with internal combustion engines. It combines climate protection with performance and is the future of inner-city distribution transport.

More about MAN eTruck

Any further questions?

Our team of MAN experts will help you to benefit as much as possible from the alternative drive systems. Book an appointment now to discuss the best MAN Transport Solutions for your company.

The urban transport of tomorrow with MAN


The new MAN eTGE

MAN’s first all-electric van: emission-free and ultra-quiet, this vehicle is at home in any environmental zone, and an asset for any city. The MAN eTGE is just as reliable and spacious as any tried-and-tested MAN van.


The new MAN Lion's City G

With its innovative MAN E18 gas drive, our new city bus brings a better quality of life into our cities: it considerably reduces CO2 and noise emissions. And it can be easily integrated into existing operating processes.


The new MAN Lion's City E

A bus that drives through the city without emissions and as quietly as a whisper is no longer a vision: the first fully-electric city bus from MAN brings environmental protection and economic efficiency to a common denominator.