MAN TGL and MAN TGM: new interior and new D08 engine


The new D08 engine and the new interior of the MAN TGL and TGM

World-class efficiency combined with comfort you would normally only get at home. The MAN TGL and TGM leave nothing to be desired. The new D08 engine and the advanced MAN TipMatic® gearbox functions impress not only because of their increased reliability, but also because of the fuel savings and optimum driving comfort. Interiors with a new design and many additional functions that simplify operation and increase the feel-good factor of every journey.

The on-board telematics module (RIO box) is also fitted for you as standard, offering you entry into the world of Logistics 4.0.
Discover more about the superiority of the new MAN TGL and TGM models.

New MAN D08 engine

Innovative D08 engine

Enhanced performance and greater efficiency with the new generation of MAN D08 engines.

New MAN TipMatic® gearbox functions

New gearbox functions

Innovative start-up and gear-shifting strategies optimise driving comfort and fuel consumption.

New interior of the MAN TG

Optimised driver's cab

You can feel at home anywhere with the new, practical equipment highlights in the cockpit and rest area.

MAN D08 SCRonly engine side view

Costs down, driving comfort up. The driveline of the new MAN TGL and TGM vehicles is now even more efficient

The MAN TGL and TGM impress by offering enhanced power alongside greater efficiency thanks to our innovative D08 generation engines, the new intelligent MAN TipMatic® gearbox functions and a weight-optimised front axle.

In the future they will also be even more comfortable and fuel efficient on the road thanks to the optimised driveline. An additional plus: The new generation engines can also be fuelled with environmentally-friendly biodiesel – the environment will thank you with improved CO2 figures on your balance sheet.

MAN D08 SCRonly engine side view

The new generation of D08 engines

Achieve more with less: The new generation of MAN D08 engines offers even greater performance and reliability on the roads, despite using up to 5% less fuel. Our secret: reducing down to the essentials. Thanks to much simpler exhaust-gas cleaning and cooling systems, the engine is lighter, less complex and therefore more efficient.

Even lighter for greater payloads: The innovative engine and exhaust-gas cleaning concept not only ensures optimal power delivery but also means you benefit from an improved payload balance thanks to the low engine weight. And of course, a lighter engine also reduces your fuel consumption considerably, saving you money and protecting the environment. An additional benefit to the environment is offered by the use of paraffin fuel – possible without any retrofitting or upgrading.

MAN TipMatic® gearbox

MAN TipMatic® with new, intelligent gearbox functions:

Stepping it up a gear in terms of efficiency. With the intelligent functions of the MAN TipMatic® that have been exactingly tailored to the new generation of D08 engines. The new gearbox functions automatically calculate an appropriate gear-shifting strategy based on previous driving situations. For the greatest levels of driving comfort at lower costs.

The new MAN TipMatic® generation adds three functions to the proven automated shifting system:

  1. Idle Speed Driving: allows you to coast through slow-moving traffic or roll up to a roundabout. Wear on the clutch is reduced considerably thanks to even and precise pulling away and manoeuvring.
  2. Speed Shifting: makes it possible for you to switch quickly between the three highest gears to enable much more efficient driving on inclines.
    Tractive force interruptions are minimised, reducing fuel consumption.
  3. EfficentRoll is designed for gentle descents on motorways and rural roads. The gearbox function uses kinetic energy, allowing you to maintain momentum on topographically varied routes, thus saving fuel.

MAN 7.5 t front axle

Weight optimisation of the 7.5 t front axle:

Even more robust: Thanks to the new, patented Z-forged profile of the axle body, the weight of the front axle was able to be reduced by an additional 8.5 kg. The result: a greater payload with equivalent reliability and performance. This has a positive impact on your budget, as the more you can load, the fewer journeys you need to make.

Discover the advantages of the new MAN driveline:

Lower weight:
Less is more! Benefit from the improvement in your payload balance thanks to the lower weight.

Reduced fuel consumption:
You can be sure it will pay off! With fuel savings of up to 5%, the bottom line is a positive impact on your consumption.

The height of comfort:
The new, maintenance-friendly engine generation and the intelligent gearbox guaranteed to make changing gear more enjoyable impresses not only thanks to its increased power and cost savings: it will also considerably improve your driving comfort.

Improved CO2 balance
thanks to efficiencies which aim to protect the climate! For us, economic benefits must be in harmony with sustainable trade: the new engine generation can also be filled with environmentally-friendly biodiesel as desired.

New interior of the MAN TG


The new interior of the MAN TGM and TGL: feels just like at home.

Feel at home on the roads – with the newly designed interiors of our MAN TGM and TGL trucks. Many new functions make operation of the vehicle simpler and more intuitive. The ergonomic optimisation of the driver's workplace and rest area and the sophisticated design ensure you always feel at home in your new home on wheels, wherever you may be.

The optional dark grey colour variant is very forgiving and is especially recommended for particularly dirty deployments.
It doesn’t matter what awaits you: the cabs of the MAN TGM and TGL will always offer you extra comfort and functionality.

Newly-designed TG interior instrument panel

Instrument panel

Everything to hand: with the newly-designed middle section of the instrument panel. Your personal belongings are always close to hand thanks to additional storage compartments. Electronic connections, additional switch panels and a higher contrast climate display will make everyday work easier.

Newly-designed TG interior gearshift and operating concept for optimal and intuitive operation

Intuitive gearshift and operating concept

Perfectly positioned: we have completely revised the operating panel in our MAN cockpits to make everyday work easier. All switches have now been positioned based on how frequently they are used. They have also been grouped by function so are more intuitive to operate.

Newly designed, high-contrast TG interior, high-resolution colour display

High-resolution colour display

Everything at a glance: the new 4-inch colour display in the main instrument makes legibility and orientation easier. Warning messages and current traffic information are particularly highlighted and can as a result be understood more quickly. For maximum safety and first-class comfort.

Newly-designed TG interior cup holder for warm and cold drinks

New cup holder

Always to hand: thanks to the new, flexible retaining device, drinks can be reached easily from both the driver's and co-driver's seat. The internal spring holder guarantees secure storage during the journey. A clean solution – even going around bends or on uneven terrain.

Discover the driver's workplace

Newly-designed TG interior gooseneck lamp for flexible lighting

Gooseneck lamp

New welcoming atmosphere in the rest area: the flexibly adjustable gooseneck lamp bathes your ‘second home’ in a comfortable, warm light. Thanks to its bendable neck, it is also perfect for use as a reading lamp.

Newly-designed TG interior Easily accessible controls in the rest area

Rest area controls

Relax and let the truck work for you: With the new rest area controls, you can control the interior lighting, window lifter and sliding roof from the comfort of your bed. Also integrated: alarm clock with LCD display and plug socket, including USB.

Newly-designed TG interior storage compartment and more storage space possibilities

Storage compartments

All the important things, always to hand: The new, inbuilt stowage compartments on the rear wall offer more than enough space for all those personal belongings that you just can’t do without, even on the road. Always easily accessible.

Discover the rest area

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