Exterior view

Exterior view of the new MAN TGM & MAN TGL

Interior view

Interior view of the new MAN TGM & MAN TGL

Putting the driver first

Ergonomic entry to the cab

The MAN TGM & MAN TGL’s entry and exit strategy is based on drivers’ typical day-to-day movements and habits. Speed is often an important factor, regardless of the weather or time of day. The anti-slip steps make entering and exiting quick and safe. The optimised cab lighting provides safety and guidance when entering the vehicle. The height and positioning of the steps lighten the strain on arms and back.

Comfortable vehicle entry of the new MAN TGM & MAN TGL

The new cockpit

High delivery workload, dense urban traffic, and many stops: We have designed the cockpit of the new MAN TGM & MAN TGL to minimise distractions while maximising ease of use. For example, we have optimised the grip of the new gear shift control on the right of the steering column. The electrical parking brake can be operated using an electrical switch next to the main display or activated automatically.

The cockpit of the new MAN TGM & MAN TGL

Everything in plain view

To ensure your drivers have everything in view, the cockpit and the instrument panel in the new MAN TGM & MAN TGL have been lowered. This has broadened the field of vision in front of and next to the cab. The reconfiguration of the mirror arms has also helped to achieve this.

A broader field of vision in the new MAN TGM & MAN TGL

More power, more performance, more deliveries

The MAN D08 engine

Even lighter for greater payloads. The new MAN D08 engine is not only lighter than its predecessor – it also saves more fuel without compromising on efficiency. This makes the MAN D08 perfect for compliance with the Euro 6d emission standard.

The new MAN TGM & MAN TGL with MAN D08 engine

MAN Essentials

Benefit from additional digital value for your business. Analyse the performance of your vehicle with the basic, free-of-charge MAN Essentials digital service and get all the insights into driver deployment, fuel consumption and more. When booking additional digital services, we will recommend appropriate solutions that will help you optimise costs and profitability.

MAN Essentials for the new MAN TGM & MAN TGL

The ideal service package

We offer the perfect service contract for your business. Choose from five different service packages and select the one that best suits your needs. This way, you can reduce costs and minimise the risk of unexpected repair costs and vehicle breakdowns. We are ready to assist you in over 2000 dealers around Europe. Friendly, helpful and available at all times.

Ideal service packages for the new MAN TGM & MAN TGL

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Guaranteed uptime

No matter where you are, with the MAN uptime guarantee, you can rely on us to make sure your vehicles are ready to go. In the event of a breakdown, we will come to you to provide support or take you to the nearest MAN service outlet. If the repairs can’t be completed on the same day, we will be happy to provide you with a replacement vehicle.

Guaranteed uptime with the new MAN TGM & MAN TGL

MAN Driver App

The MAN Driver app is a smart and state-of-the-art way for your drivers to manage their everyday activities on the road. With functions such as guided pre-departure checks, direct identification of check lamps and switches thanks to visual symbol recognition (QuickManual), plus the MAN Dealership Search, the MAN Driver app simplifies day-to-day tasks and provides valuable utilities even in the event of a breakdown.

MAN Driver App

The MAN service network

Our network of workshops includes over 2000 dealers across Europe. Professional mechanics know the ins and outs of the new MAN TGM & MAN TGL, and they understand that in distribution transport, every minute counts. We are there to support you – round the clock. Even when you’re on the move, we’re at your side: with the MAN Mobile24 accident and breakdown service you can get in touch with us if you ever unexpectedly need help.

The MAN service network for the new MAN TGM & MAN TGL

Ready for distribution transport

We deliver vehicles that are tailored precisely to your needs and the specific requirements of distribution transport. Lean budgeting and generous load capabilities are the name of the game. With the new MAN TGM & MAN TGL, you can safely and effortlessly deal with every loading ramp and curbside on your deliveries. Thanks to the ergonomic entrance layout and cockpit, your drivers can reliably handle their day-to-day challenges free of excess fatigue.

Ready for distribution transport with the new MAN TGM & MAN TGL

Your success is our number-one priority

With the right product for every haulage job, we offer a wide range of vehicle configurations available right off the production line – each customisable based on your application and added solutions. For over 100 years, we have been dedicated solely to commercial vehicles. That’s why our trucks are so incredibly reliable, and the TÜV experts agree.

Best-in-class customer service – your success is our number-one priority

Always in touch – fully digital thanks to MAN DigitalServices.

Intelligent vehicle data analysis boosts the efficiency of your fleet: Simply choose from a variety of available digital features and activate the ones best suited to your business. A new electronic architecture allows your new MAN TGM & MAN TGL to always stay connected, hence being perfectly integrated into the digital ecosystem.

Always in touch – fully digital thanks to MAN DigitalServices.

Introducing the new MAN TGM & MAN TGL.

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