Efficient operation

MAN ProfiDrive@

Driving economically and protecting the environment

The most effective accident prevention system is behind the steering wheel – the driver. It is important for the driver to drive with foresight, remain calm and confident in critical situations, and stay in control of the vehicle.

For this reason, MAN offers practical training courses for truck and bus drivers – and has been striking more and more of a chord with customers with its range of available seminars. In Germany alone, between 3000 and 4000 drivers are currently taking part in seminars every year. MAN ProfiDrive® is now offering its services in more than 25 countries, currently employing a total of 69 trainers.

By professionals for professionals: The objective is to achieve a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 10% and promote gentler vehicle handling on the road.

Safer and more economical

Under MAN ProfiDrive®, you will find a comprehensive range of seminars on topics relating to driving behaviour, driving safety and economical driving. All courses are specially aimed at the following groups: Truck drivers, bus drivers, fleet managers, vehicle transfer personnel, driving instructors and specialists.

You can access our range of seminars on offer here: