MAN eTGM – fully-electric, as quiet as a whisper and highly efficient


Your added value

  • Range of up to 190 kilometres
  • Outstanding energy and cost efficiency
  • High operational flexibility
  • MAN eMobility all-round package

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MAN eTGM: Its technological edge is your advantage

Utilise the ground-breaking performance of our MAN eTruck for your business success: It is emissions-free, quiet as a whisper and extremely reliable in operation. Your deliveries are climate-friendly and energy-efficient, you save operating and workshop costs and you can fully exploit the benefits of electromobility in the city.

The MAN eTGM: Winner of the “European Transport Award for Sustainability 2020”. Currently available to you in low-volume production.
By the way: Our eMobility experts can help you to shape the future of your logistics. Get on board – now.

Zero emissions: 100% electric

Low noise emission

Optimum vehicle availability

Outstanding driving comfort

Easy introduction to electromobility

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The MAN eTGM is sure to convince you

Innovative technology

Innovative technology

The eTGM features a fully-electric, emission-free and stepless drive system with a central electric motor.

Clean performance

Clean performance

The eTGM has a maximum power output of 264 kW or 360 HP and a torque of 3,100 Nm.

High battery capacity

High battery capacity

12 highly-efficient lithium ion NMC battery packs with 185 kWh of available capacity, installed in a space-saving manner. The so-called Chiller provides the necessary cooling.

Reliable range

Reliable range

The range of up to 190 km is ideal for inner-city distribution transport and is even sufficient for large metropolitan areas.

Short charging time

Short charging time

Slow charging to conserve the battery using a 22 kW AC charging socket takes approx. 8 hours. Using 150 kW DC, charging takes as little as 1 hour.

The eTGM in operation

Since October 2018, the MAN eTGM has been operating for nine Austrian companies in the sectors of commerce, logistics and production of the Council for Sustainable Logistics (CNL, Council für nachhaltige Logistik). We have conducted a survey on how the MAN eTruck is performing in everyday operation.

Simply unbelievable!

“The driving experience is unique, it reacts instantly to every tiny movement of the pedal. The first time I drove it was incredible. I couldn’t stop smiling – and still can’t!”

Istvan Nemeth has been working as a truck driver for Rewe Group in Austria for 23 years

No different to refuelling!

“First thing in the morning you have to check if it’s fully charged. But that’s not really any different to having to refuel.”

Truck driver Martin Neumann has been testing the eTGM since October 2018 for SPAR in the city of Graz.

Battery capacity yet to reach its limits!

“Managing deliveries to major customers is no problem at all. I have never reached the limits of the battery capacity.”

Driver Dominik Lackner drives the MAN eTGM for the Stiegl brewery in the city centre of Salzburg and the surrounding area, out to a range of about 50 kilometres

I prefer it to a diesel!

“The eTruck is enjoyable to drive and has great acceleration – in fact, I actually prefer it to a diesel.”

Driver Aleksander Kristof from TLC Temmel Logistik GmbH takes over the steering wheel for the early shift.

The MAN eTGM helps you make the switch to alternative drives

MAN Transport Solutions is your expert partner for the cost and benefit-optimised integration of trucks with alternative drives into your fleet. Our experts support you every step of the way – from the initial information to the successful expansion of your fleet.

MAN Transport Solutions

Your benefits

MAN Transport Solutions will enable you to harness the benefits of alternative drives strategically and cost-effectively.

  • Individual planning of vehicle deployment and fleet integration
  • Planning of the charging infrastructure and energy supply
  • Employee training and support for your service workshop

MAN Transport Solutions

Our services

MAN Services

Whether you need maintenance or repairs – with freely combinable services, specially trained mechanics as well as MAN Genuine Parts and Accessories, we ensure that you can always stay on the road.

MAN Mobile24

There is never a good time for a breakdown. However, if something does happen, all you have to do is call our Mobile24 number – the same number across all of Europe – and we’ll be there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

MAN ServiceContracts

Full cost control and greater efficiency thanks to bespoke service contracts. This reduces the risk of unexpected repair costs and your expenses related to repair and maintenance management.

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