MAN TGL – the manoeuvrable one

MAN TGL in inner-city traffic alongside a cyclist

The advantages

  • Maximum payload and high loading capacity
  • Even more efficient thanks to the D08 engine
  • Practical improvements to the driver's workplace and in the rest compartment
  • Great manoeuvrability and maximum reliability

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MAN TGL in inner-city traffic alongside a cyclist

Efficiency: World-class.
Comfort: Like being at home.

The new D08 engine

MAN TGL – for convincing driving dynamics.

The most extensive manoeuvrability in every application: maximum payload, high loading capacity and low fuel consumption make our MAN TGL a real multi-talent, cutting a great figure both in the municipal sector and in construction, or even in classical distribution transport. Regardless of your requirements, our MAN TGL can be configured precisely to meet your specific needs.

Its short wheelbase means the MAN TGL is exceptionally manoeuvrable. A characteristic that really comes into its own when used on construction sites with limited space, and also in heavy inner-city traffic. And thanks to the innovative and extra light D08 engine series, you can now save up to 5% on fuel. This is in part due to its more streamlined design and lower number of components, which in addition make it more easy to service. Enjoy the best in driving dynamics with our MAN TGL.

MAN TGL – Application segments

Engine & gearbox – the new D08 engine

Engine: D0834, 118-162 kW, MAN D08 engine in Euro 6


MAN TGL D0834 engine in Euro 6

Achieves more with less: the new MAN D08 engine generation. Offering you more HP and torque on the road despite a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 5%. The secret: reducing it down to the essentials. The engine is lighter, less complex and therefore easier to service thanks to much simpler exhaust gas cleaning and cooling systems. An additional plus: the new engine generations can also be fuelled with environmentally-friendly biodiesel, making them as pollution-free as possible on the roads. The use of components with a reduced weight, such as the oil sump made from robust plastic, has additionally increased the payload of the MAN TGL for you. We put so much thought into our new MAN D08 engines to ensure you’ll never have to give them a second thought.

Engine: D0836,184-235 kW, MAN D08 engine in Euro 6


MAN TGL D0836 engine in Euro 6

High power, simplified construction: The 6-cylinder version of the new, streamlined MAN D08 engine generation has up to 250 HP (MAN TGL) under the hood. Its innovative engine and exhaust gas cleaning concept ensures optimal power delivery, a higher level of efficiency and the best possible performance. You are now able to transport even more with our MAN TGL, thanks to the low weight offered by the truck itself. The reduced weight of the engine allows you to considerably reduce your fuel consumption too, of course. Thanks to a reduced number of components, our MAN D08 engine functions fault-free in continuous operation, saving you time on tiresome maintenance. Efficient, high performance and particularly easy to service – the new D08 engine generation from MAN.

MAN TipMatic® 12-speed gearbox

MAN TipMatic®

Intelligent gearbox with gearshift-fun guarantee

The highest levels of driving comfort and effective cost-cutting come together in our MAN TipMatic® gearbox, available as an optional extra. The SpeedShifting gearbox function in the 12 speed version makes it possible to change quickly between the highest three gears, so that your MAN TGL is able to master inclines with significantly greater efficiency. The intelligent gearbox system with its rocking-free function prevents the tyres from slipping, so that even in sticky situations, you are able to get driving freely again quickly. You can also allow the MAN TGL to cruise along thanks to the Idle Speed Driving gearbox function; giving you a relaxing driving experience, even in slow-moving traffic.

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Engine Displacement
The new MAN D0834 4.6 l
118 kW (160 HP), 600 Nm  
140 kW (190 HP), 750 Nm  
162 kW (220 HP), 850 Nm  
The new MAN D0836 6.9 l
184 kW (250 HP), 1,050 Nm  
Vehicle type Suspension Wheelbase Gearboxes
Tipper BB
3,050 – 6,700 mm Synchromesh gearbox
Gross train weight MAN semi-automatic gearbox

7,5 – 12 t TipMatic® (optional)

Design & driver's cab


Everything in sight, everything to hand – and everything in the right place: The perfect set up awaits you behind the wheel of the MAN TGL, with the most modern technology available driving your business. And because good work requires proper relaxation, we have also optimised the rest compartment for you.

MAN TGL lightweight construction

Highlights of the MAN TGL

  • Pioneering networking thanks to the new on-board telematics module (RIO-Box)
    The RIO-BOX is your entry into the world of Logistics 4.0, and comes on board as standard. It integrates vehicle information with digital value-adding services, raising the efficiency of your transport processes to a whole new level.

  • Optimised switch and operate concept
    To make your everyday life that bit easier, the switches in the cockpit have been placed according to their usage frequency, have been grouped in usage groups and are thus even more intuitive to operate. Tips and warnings easily catch your eye on the new high-definition colour display: keeping your eyes free for the road.

  • Space-saving space optimisation
    Everything has its place with us: your documents are just as easily to hand as the stowage compartment and the electrical connections for your mobile devices. You have much more room in the newly-designed driver's cab, thanks to the much slimmer switch and/or middle consoles, as well as the cool and stowage compartments that can be completely stowed away under the bed.

  • Hard-wearing interior
    Warm colours in the optimised interior ensure a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The optional “Urban Concrete” colour palette for the surfaces is the right colour to choose if you are often out and about in muckier areas. It doesn’t matter if it is mud, dust or oil, the robust materials will forgive anything. At least coffee stains are now a thing of the past, thanks to the new spring-assisted cup holders.

  • Comfortable relaxation zone
    Strength lies in tranquillity: as only a well-rested driver is able to give it their best behind the wheel. High-quality beds with slatted frames ensure a relaxing sleep and generous storage compartments offer plenty of space for your luggage and personal items. In the MAN TGL, you don’t have to give up on your favourite habits either, such as reading comfortably in bed: stowage compartments for books and glasses are easily in reach, as is the flexibly adjustable gooseneck lamp.

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Because it's not all about what’s on the inside: aerodynamic design and a well thought out exterior also make a valuable contribution to efficiency, helping you to get even more out of your truck.

Dynamic design:  MAN TGL in the inner-city at night

Dynamic design

You can see the power and efficiency in our MAN TGL. Its distinctive profile and unmistakeable front ensure it stands out, be that in the urban jungle or on a construction site.

Lightweight construction: MAN TGL post office vehicle on the road

Lightweight construction

Masters every challenge with ease: At 5,730 kg, our MAN TGL is one of the lightest trucks on the market. Its payload advantage of around 400 kg corresponds to an additional profit of around 4,000 euros per year for you, making it a real heavyweight when it comes to cost savings.

Body-friendly frame design: MAN TGL chassis

Body-friendly frame design

Not only manoeuvrable, also configurable: The body-friendly chassis of the MAN TGL allows you to quickly and easily construct or remodel the trucks and configure the vehicle precisely to the intended use in each case.

Low loading level: MAN TGL loaded with plastic boxes

Low loading level

Due to its low frame height, the MAN TGL truck bodies can have a particularly low loading level, making them ideal for use in distribution transport. As it is so easy to load and unload, you can get more done in a day without actually having done as much.

The MAN TGL cabs

Right in the comfort zone: regardless of whether it’s a C, L or LX cab or crew cab, the generous MAN TGL cabs always ensure a feel-good atmosphere.

MAN C cab

C cab

Happy to get in and out: low step unit, wide-opening door and comfortable cross-cab access to the co-driver's side don’t only help with loading and unloading, they also makes it easy for you to relax during rest breaks.

MAN crew cab

Crew cab

Stronger together: the crew cab has space for up to seven people and 14 helping hands, offering you the largest interior volume in its class. Ideal for workshop operations or municipal applications.

MAN L cab

L cab

You get your money’s worth from our manoeuvrable truck with this cab: perfect manoeuvrability is ensured thanks to the narrow outer width of the L cab, even when space is restricted. And the comfortable bed that comes as standard awaits you should you need a break after a difficult manoeuvre.

MAN LX cab

LX cab

A feel-good work place: the high-quality bed with slatted frame and multi-zone cold foam mattress is a dream place to sleep after work is finished. And the wide variety of storage and stowage compartments ensures the quality of your stay is high, even on longer journeys. Our LX cab – get in, set off, feel good.

MAN XLION equipment packages

MAN XLION – top performance. In every discipline.

Endurance, efficient performance and total reliability in all fields of application. The new MAN XLION trucks are perfectly designed for extreme performances within long-haul and distribution transport as well as construction site work.

More on MAN XLION equipment packages

Safety & driver efficiency systems

Safety system icon: MAN truck with Adaptive Cruise Control

Safety systems

You are always playing it safe with the MAN TGL: with its numerous safety and driver assistance systems, you will always maintain the correct distance and will recognise dangers before they even arise.

Our safety and driver assistance systems warn you in good time about dangerous situations, giving you enough time to steer to safety; your safety is important to us, and it is not just trucks that sometimes need extra stability when working with a full load. Arrive safely with the safety and driver assistance systems from MAN.

Efficiency system icon: Rising profits

Efficiency systems

Avoiding costs before they arise: that’s our goal at MAN. You can benefit from our efficiency systems that make your MAN TGL more economical than ever before.

Helping you to increase your profits and lower your costs: the innovative efficiency systems from MAN. The GPS controlled cruise control, MAN EfficientCruise®, saves up to 6% on fuel consumption and helps you to control the vehicle more proactively.

Our electronically-operated gearbox, the MAN TipMatic®, can save another 9% for you. Using various indicators, it calculates the optimal gear-shifting strategy, saves it and calls it up again in future during similar driving situations.

Have fun saving with our intelligent efficiency systems.

MAN TipMatic®

MAN EfficientCruise® with EfficientRoll


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