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  • Intelligent efficiency and safety systems
  • German inspection association, TÜV, tested reliability
  • New, practical equipment highlights

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Strong performance meets strong design: the MAN TGX and MAN TGS

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MAN TGX – where efficiency meets performance

More power and even greater efficiency: the MAN TGX proves that low consumption and high performance are not mutually exclusive. It doesn’t matter if you are driving on the motorway or are hard at work on a construction site, thanks to its numerous equipment and engine versions, the MAN TGX is perfectly tailored to suit the requirements of your transport business. Our reliable and robust king of long-haul transport handles long mileage without problem - quickly and profitably.

The MAN TGX has everything on board that your business needs to make it more successful, and to set a trucker’s pulse racing: high levels of driving and living comfort, and a lot of torque, combined with low fuel use. The standard and optional efficiency and driver assistance systems are on hand to make you even more economical and safer while on the road, in a truck that is as individual as your business.

MAN TGX – areas of service

Engine & gearbox

MAN D15 engine in Euro 6


MAN TGX D15 engine in Euro 6

The innovative MAN D15 engine reduces fuel consumption and shoulders a greater load thanks to its lighter engine weight. The modern common rail injection system and the integrated high-pressure fuel pump, which ensures the fuel is atomised as finely as possible, make the engine more efficient and sustainable. The simplified SCR exhaust aftertreatment system reduces maintenance and repair costs thanks to longer service intervals for the diesel particulate filter – for maximum engine service life to MAN’s familiar quality standards.

Engine: D2676, 309-368 kW MAN D26 engine in Euro 6


MAN TGX D26 engine in Euro 6

More power under the hood with even less consumption: thanks to our D26 engines, you can save an additional 2.5% on fuels in comparison to its predecessor, and you are also able to hit the ground running with its additional 20 HP and an around 200 Nm increase in torque. Additional cost savings can also be made through the standard and optional efficiency functions, such as the deactivatable air compressor that only engages when compressed air is actually required. The result: a 90% reduction in operating time compared with other providers. Technology that impresses, but above all serves you and your business.

Engine: D3876, 397-471 kW MAN D38 engine in Euro 6


MAN TGX D38 engine in Euro 6

Power that pays off: despite its huge engine performance with up to 640 HP, the new MAN D38 engine generation saves approximately 1.9% on fuel. No wonder, then, that the in-line six-cylinder engine with an engine weight of only 1,345 kg counts as one of the lightweight engines in its class. Even demanding routes and the heaviest loads cannot intimidate our powerhouse. The D38 engines reach torques of up to 3,000 Nm from as low as 930 rpm, bringing its lion strength to every slope. Whether on a construction site or a steep mountain pass, with the MAN D38 engines you’re driving up your profits every day.

MAN TipMatic® 12-speed gearbox

MAN TipMatic®

Easier than ever before

With a gearbox that practically drives itself: thanks to our electronically-controlled manually operated gearbox, the MAN TipMatic®, and the further development of our SmartShifting switching function, you can now change between gears even more quickly and smoothly without compromising on speed or tractive force. The system automatically determines the optimum switching strategy, based on your load and the slope of the road; leaving you free to concentrate on the traffic. And to keep things always on the up for you, MAN EasyStart offers support when it comes to effortless and safe starts on inclines. Once you’ve driven the MAN TipMatic®, you almost don’t want to get in behind the wheel of anything else.

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Engine Displacement
D1556 9,0 l
243 kW (330 HP), 1,600 Nm  
265 kW (360 HP), 1,700 Nm  
294 kW (400 HP), 1,800 Nm  
D2676 12,4 l
309 kW (420 HP), 2,100 Nm  
338 kW (460 HP), 2,300 Nm
368 kW (500 HP), 2,500 Nm  
D3876 15,2 l
397 kW (540 HP), 2,700 Nm  
427 kW (580 HP), 2,900 Nm  
471 kW (640 HP), 3,000 Nm  

Design & cabs


From optimised cup holders to high-definition colour displays and a practical coolbox: we have thought of everything when it comes to your home on wheels, so you feel right at home.

User-friendly MAN cockpit

Highlights of the MAN TGX

  • High-quality interior design
    An interior that convinces: with robust panels made from grained plastic and decorative inlays that can be individualised to taste in three versions.

  • Intuitive switch and operate concept
    So that you don’t waste time searching for the right button, we have completely revised the operator’s area of our MAN cockpit. All the switches and functions can now be operated even more intuitively and even the rotary switch for our automatic gearbox, the MAN TipMatic®, has been integrated into the main control panel for your comfort.

  • Even more space and storage
    No more problems with space, guaranteed: in the MAN TGX you are able to spread out. From our revised cup holders to our improved coolbox, which can be stored easily under the bed. Leaving more room for the important things: namely, you.

  • Intelligent networking thanks to the new on-board telematics module (RIO-Box)
    RIO is our partner for the transport and logistics ecosystem. The on-board telematics module (RIO-Box) is your entry card into the world of Logistics 4.0. When you register on the platform operated by our partner, RIO, you will receive the Start-Service RIO Essentials, and your clearance for the on-board telematics module (RIO-Box). The open, cloud-based platform connects all partners along the logistics chain, integrates vehicle information with digital value-adding services and as a result, takes the efficiency of your transport processes to a whole new level.


Here at MAN, we have been combining exacting functionality with modern design for decades: ensuring you always leave a lasting impression, wherever you go.


The chassis of the MAN TGX is a real lightweight, yet nonetheless strong enough to take some serious weight on its shoulders: your individualised truck bodies and your loads. The optimised weight not only helps to make considerable savings on fuel, it also makes the work of the body manufacturers easy, thanks to its narrow hole pattern.


It doesn’t have to look especially great, but it does have to be especially practical. The lamellar structure of our bumpers protects the memorable exterior of our MAN TGX and at the same time cools the vehicle’s technology. For a driving experience without compromise.

Mirror concept

Reflecting our increase in safety: The main and wide-angle mirrors, as well as the large ramp and front mirrors mean there are almost no blind spots and give you the best possible overview of what’s taking place on the roads.

The MAN TGX cabs

A lack of space is a foreign concept to us, as the MAN TGX offers the highest comfort and sufficient space in all its cab versions.

MAN XL cab

XL cab

What more could you want: with comfortable cross-cab access from door to door and the comfort bed as standard, this cab guarantees every driver a pleasant journey.


XLX cab

If there's the possibility of taking it a little further, then our XLX cab is your first choice: the generous interior, the practical stowage options and the comfortable bed with slatted frame guarantee extremely comfortable working and living conditions at full standing height.


XXL cab

Because sometimes size matters: the XXL cab is one of the largest driver cabs in Europe and looks in vain to the competition for its equal. Versatile storage shelves, a standing height of 2,100 mm, two comfort beds and innumerable storage compartments. A storage dream.

MAN XLION equipment packages

MAN XLION – top performance. In every discipline.

Endurance, efficient performance and total reliability in all fields of application. The new MAN XLION trucks are perfectly designed for extreme performances within long-haul and distribution transport as well as construction site work.

More on MAN XLION equipment packages

Safety & driver efficiency systems

Safety system icon: MAN truck with ACC Stop & Go

Safety & driver assistance systems

We hope that you’ll never need it, but it is nonetheless good to have on board in case of emergency. An overview of your MAN TGX safety system.

To ensure you always stay on track, and maintain a safe distance in heavy traffic: our innovative safety and driver assistance systems will also help you to drive particularly proactively and safely in difficult situations. If, however, it should get critical, we will always help you to master the situation.

Efficiency system icon: Rising profits

Efficiency systems

With the efficiency systems from MAN, you are able to cut costs before they even arise. For an optimal balance sheet at the end of the day.

You and your success are at the heart of what we do. Our efficiency systems provide a relaxing drive, protect the environment and, at the same time, reduce fuel consumption by promoting particularly economical driving.

The core element of our intelligent manually-operated gearbox, the MAN TipMatic®, adapts the moving-off behaviour of the vehicle depending on the weight of your load and the slope of the road, as well as automatically selecting the best compromise for comfort, material wear and driving efficiency. And thanks to our GPS controlled MAN EfficientCruise® cruise control, you can save up to 6% of your fuel consumption.

Let our efficiency systems help you to combine profitability with the best in driving pleasure.

MAN TipMatic®

MAN EfficientCruise® with MAN EfficientRoll

HydroDrive icon: Tyres on a steep road

MAN HydroDrive®

More traction? Instantly. The best tractive force and performance for your MAN TGX: soon, no roads will be off limits for you with MAN HydroDrive®.

The MAN HydroDrive® drive system is approximately 750 kg lighter than comparable, conventional all-wheel drives. It is specially designed for safe and efficient driving on difficult terrain, such as construction sites or forests, but also in normal road traffic in poor weather conditions. The front-axle drive, operated by a hydraulic pump, can also be switched on using the rotary switch when the loaded vehicle is in motion. The result: increased traction, greater flexibility on various surfaces and the best in safety for you and your load.

More information on MAN HydroDrive®

The MAN TGX special edition

We wouldn’t be MAN if we didn’t have the ideal vehicle for all your requirements – perfectly tailored to your needs. With the special edition of the MAN TGX.

MAN TGX D38 at night on the motorway

MAN TGX D38 – the high performance one

Drive in a new dimension: With performance figures from 397 kW (540 HP) up to 471 kW (640 HP) and powerful torque from 2,700 to 3,000 Nm, the TGX D38 leaves the rest in the dust. Bringing you to your destination more efficiently. It also offers the perfect symbiosis of unrivalled efficiency and unsurpassed pulling power.

MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 semitrailer tractor at night on the motorway

MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 - the efficient one

It challenges the competition and takes on the strict environmental regulations. More efficient and more economical than ever before, the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 uses up to 2 litres less fuel. Taking the strain off your wallet, as well as the environment.


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