MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition – the exclusive one

MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition in front of a rolling landscape


  • Unique design
  • Maximum performance
  • Exclusive special features

The limited number of MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition have sold out. However, this does not mean that you have to miss out on exclusive special equipment for your MAN TGX, with high-performance engine: Our new MAN PerformanceLine Package fulfils the highest requirements in terms of comfort and exclusive design.

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MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition – exclusivity meets performance

More strength, more design, more performance: This exclusive MAN truck not only boasts the unbridled power of its MAN D38 engine with 640 horsepower, but is also a real eye-catcher when it comes to design. The MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition, limited to just 100 vehicles, combines exclusivity with the best in performance. Whether it be the generous infotainment system, the premium-class leather upholstery in the interior, the dark blue aluminium trim, the contrasting blue stitching – or, of course, the MAN lion.

Those who love detail, and those who know their trucks, will certainly get their money's worth from the MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition – and will find themselves on the road in a vehicle with more power and greater efficiency, thanks to the 3000 Nm high-torque engine. Of course, so much exclusivity was always going to awaken a great deal of interest. The 100 special models sold out in next to no time. Their buyers had one more particularly special highlight to look forward to: a truck racing weekend, where the MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition showed it was second to none when it comes to exclusivity.

Engine & gearbox

Engine: D3876, 397-471 kW MAN D38 engine in Euro 6


MAN D38 engine in Euro 6

Even the engine in our premium model is first class: the gutsy MAN D38 engine with its 640 HP provides maximum drive performance. And so that it stays that way, our Top-Down cooling system protects areas subjected to high thermal stress from heavy strain and rapid wear. We are also the first truck manufacturer to install deformation-resistant domed valves in our truck: the particular properties of which contribute to the non-stop enjoyment offered by our premium trucks – for powerful exclusivity and top performance.

MAN TipMatic® 12-speed gearbox

MAN TipMatic®

Even changing gear is getting in on the comfort here

Enjoy the premium quality of the interior of our MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition – and leave the work to our automated gearbox, the MAN TipMatic®. The twelve-gear system calculates the ideal gearshift speed based on different variables, so you are free to concentrate calmly on the traffic. Together with our GPS-controlled MAN EfficientCruise® cruise control, you will not only arrive safely at your destination: you will also reduce your costs effectively. Based on the current load and engine speed, as well as on a calculation of the route ahead up to 3 kilometres in advance, the system automatically decides on the most efficient driving style possible.

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Engine Displacement
D3876 15.2 l
471 kW (640 HP), 3,000 Nm  
Construction Chassis Wheelbase Gearboxes
Sturdy semi-trailer Body-friendly chassis Wheelbase 3,600-6,700 MAN TipMatic®
  Gross train weight in t EasyStart
  18-41 Intarder
MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition driving over a bridge in the port

Already a design icon

You’re guaranteed to get some jealous looks with our MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition. All the time. And rightly so.

A real masterpiece – both inside and out

Our MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition doesn’t just shine because of its inner value: it also scores top points for its exterior. See for yourself and discover the exclusive highlights of our premium-class trucks.

Chrome PerformanceLine lettering

Black is Beautiful
A bit of an understatement: the anthracite grey mirrors and matching radiator grill captivate with their understated elegance. A timeless aesthetic that makes an impact.

Chromed bumper
Exclusive attention getter: The bumper of our MAN TGX PerformanceLine makes it clear who the fairest in the land is with its sparkling chrome highlights.

Audible premium class
Make way, here comes an exclusive! The MAN TGX PerformanceLine comes with two compressed-air horns in the driver's cab as standard – your premium truck is there for all to hear, not just to see!

Dazzle others, not yourself: You will receive your MAN TGX PerformanceLine with a robust sunblind in front of the windscreen – for a bold look and a safe drive.

Top-class entertainment
Why let yourself get bored if you don't have to: Our MAN TGX PerformanceLine comes with the MAN Professionals media package, with high-performance navigation and sound systems already integrated. For a truly special sound experience.

Premium interior panelling
It comes down to the details: blue contrast stitching distinguishes the individual segments of the high-quality, leather interior panelling from one another. An additional aluminium trim in ‘dark blue’ provides for an impressive metallic appearance – step in and be amazed.

Driver's seat fit for a king
A seat like a throne: the leather/Alcantara seat and the noble embossing of the MAN lion on the headrest turn your work place into a real design highlight. And because we know that beautiful also has to be practical, the driver's seat is, of course, also air sprung and climate controlled.

All-round curtains
For the quiet hours: After a stressful day’s work, it is important that you also get time to rest. With the MAN TGX PerformanceLine, you will also get a two-colour all-round curtain with blue accents, to protect you from curious glances and ensure you remain undisturbed.

And there's more

Symbolic handing over of the keys in front of a MAN PerformanceLine Edition

Extra plus

Our exclusivity is more than just a promise – that’s why our MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition was limited to one hundred trucks. Keyrings, numbered from 001 to 100, show who the winners were in the race to get hold of one of our special, limited edition models.

Man with a MAN baseball cap watching the racing

Experience package

Anyone who loves trucks will never forget this weekend: The lucky owners of the MAN TGX PerformanceLine were invited to enjoy an exciting truck race weekend. An all-inclusive package to celebrate our exclusive premium-class trucks.

Exclusivity meets performance – The MAN TGX PerformanceLine Edition


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