The right model for every application

MAN XLX cab – dimensions

The benefits at a glance:

  • Long, wide cab with medium-height roof: perfect for long-haul transport
  • Full standing height, full comfort. Second bed available upon request.
  • Low fuel consumption thanks to the low external height compared to the XXL cab
  • Weight advantage over the XXL model brings payload advantage
  • Universal application options as suitable for all semitrailers

Dimensions and seats

Size Width 2.24 m
Depth 2.28 m
Height 1.94 m
Seats 2 persons
2 sleeping spaces

The all-rounder for the fleet segment

Its universal application options make the XLX cab a must-have for long-haul transport. The medium-height roof provides full standing room for plenty of freedom to move. This means that maximum living comfort is also guaranteed on multi-day journeys. Our drivers are always guaranteed the very best. The high-quality, comfortable bed ensures a good night’s sleep just like at home. A second bed can also be provided upon request. Generously sized storage spaces provide plenty of room for luggage, creating a tidy and pleasant atmosphere.

Available for the following models:

Long-haul transport:


Construction & heavy-duty: