MAN EcoStyle – your key to an efficient fleet

Fleet cost control is only feasible if you have the information to focus on your vehicle operational performance, Telematics can assist you in managing your vehicle or fleet of vehicles, The system is installed in the vehicle data is transmitted through GPRS to your offices the trained operator is empowered with the detail required, allowing them to know what the vehicle is doing, where it is located, the vehicle’s condition and the driver’s behaviour. It’s the use of that data that is the key to unlocking the environmental and fuel consumption benefits that telematics can bring.

  • Reduce the fuel consumption of your fleet
  • Optimise the usage of your vehicles
  • Maximise the economy of your company

Find out how it works here – with the telematics service package tailored to your specific requirements.

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Quick Guide

Why MAN TeleMatics®?

Fleet managers can control the deployment of the fleet better. Dispatchers have greater planning certainty. Drivers receive precise information quickly. Office administration is simplified ultimately the business is more profitable for you.

This is what you need for MAN EcoStyle

To use MAN EcoStyle you only need a PC connected to the Internet and the MAN EcoStyle vehicle module installed in your vehicles. Data is exchanged between the vehicle and your headquarters via the GPRS cellular standard