A Truck for all Seasons

With a history of precision German automotive engineering dating back over 50 years, MAN has always been a key supplier to the global agricultural community, building workhorses tough enough to overcome the challenges posed by the toughest of farming disciplines in the harshest of climates.

“At NAMPO 2011, MAN Truck & Bus proudly presents its multibrand portfolio of trucks, engineered to meet the requirements of specific African agricultural applications. Equipped with the very best power trains and transmissions, ergonomic cabs and cutting-edge safety systems, MAN’s TGS WW, CLA, Volkswagen Constellation and TopUsed trucks are guaranteed to enhance profitability, with class-beating extended warranties and speedy hands-on after-sales and servicing support from 28 dedicated MAN dealerships around southern Africa,” says Bruce Dickson, management board member: marketing communications, MAN Truck & Bus SRMA.

MAN’s line-up of trucks on display at NAMPO this year includes:

The MAN TGS 26.480 6x4 BLS and TGS 27.440 6x4 BBS

These premium-class 6x4 truck tractors with double and single sleeper cabs sport the award-winning MAN turbo-charged D26 Common Rail engine and are equipped with MAN hypoid rear axles for improved fuel consumption in long-haul operations. The 12.419 litre 6-cylinder power plant on the TGS 26.480 has a power output of 480 hp/353 kW at 1900 rpm, delivering 2300Nm of torque at 1050-1400 rpm and a Green Band between 1200-1500 rpm for greater fuel efficiency. The TGS 27.440 generates 440hp/324 kW at 1700-1900 rpm, delivering 2100Nm of torque at 1000-1400 rpm and a Green Band between 1200-1450 rpm.

A twin fuel filter with a Donaldson water separator ensures long injector life on both models. A purpose-built cooling system with radiator and intercooler keeps the trucks moving in ambient temperatures over 35°C. A stone protection grille in front of the radiator is fitted standard to both derivatives.

The exhaust valve brake and ZF intarder helps keep drivers safe on steep downhills while saving on brake lining wear. MAN’s proprietary engine protection system is fitted as standard. The ZF AS-tronic 12-Speed Overdrive gearbox with MAN Tipmatic makes gear-changing simple while helping to reduce driver fatigue.

The MAN TGS 26.480 and 27.440 are suitable for a gross combination mass up to 65 tons and both models come standard with a class-beating 4-year/600 000km drive-line warranty.

The MAN CLA 26.280 BB

Based on MAN’s legendary M2000 range, the MAN CLA 26.280 is a no-nonsense, robust and easy-to-repair 6x4 Trojan of the fields. Powered by a Euro 3 turbo-charged, intercooled, 6-cylinder engine, producing 280hp/206kW at 2,400rpm and 1,100Nm of torque at 1300-1700 rpm, the long wheelbase MAN CLA on display at NAMPO is fitted with a grain body to demonstrate its versatility as a long-haul agri-freight carrier with an 8-9 ton payload capacity.

The CLA is fitted with a ZF 9S-1110 transmission providing eight forward gears, one crawler gear and one reverse gear. This CLA is equipped with a diff-lock and hub-reduction drive axles for greater traction. Steel suspension front and rear for difficult terrain, steel disc wheels, drum brakes front and rear, steel bumpers, headlight protectors and front and rear underride guards give the CLA the necessary robustness to handle the most demanding agricultural work, off-road and on-highway. Safety features include ABS, exhaust valve brake and reinforced coil-sprung cabs.

The VW Constellation 17.250

Now part of the MAN stable, Volkswagen heavy-duty trucks are making a name for themselves in South Africa thanks to their fuel efficiency, ride comfort and reliability. The VW Constellation 17.250 on display at NAMPO 2011 is a long wheelbase (rigid) livestock carrier, powered by a Euro 3, 5.9 litre, 6-cylinder turbo-charged Cummins engine with intercooler. The engine generates 247hp/184kW of power and 950Nm of torque between 1200-1700 rpm. A smooth, synchromesh 6-speed Eaton manual transmission makes it ideal for agricultural use, assisted by steel suspension, S-cam drum brakes all round and an exhaust valve brake. The VW Constellation 17.250 has a payload capacity of just over 12 tons and service intervals of 20 000km.


All MAN used trucks undergo a full technical inspection by MAN workshops, including computer diagnostics and oil sample analysis. All our vehicles undergo “Evolution” upgrades which include, cooling system, engine protection device and other technical upgrades, giving our customers peace of mind. MAN|TopUsed vehicles undergo, a complete chassis cab refurbishment. We will customize any vehicle to the requirements of our customers. MAN|TopUsed offers its customers great value for money plus peace of mind knowing that MAN’s value-added support and services are behind them all the way.

We also offer extended warranty options on our used vehicle ranges.

“There’s a MAN for every farming application, come rain or shine. Enjoy the show!” concludes Dickson.