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Consistently Efficient is Eco-Wise

In its efforts to promote sustainable commercial transport, MAN has for several decades actively developed technologies and methodologies that not only make its vehicles more fuel efficient but also limit their environmental impact.

As Europe prepares itself for Euro 6 compliance, South Africa’s transport industry only has to meet Euro 2 emissions standards, however, both government and industry are making headway in creating awareness and formulating legislation to curtail the country’s carbon footprint.

“At this year’s Johannesburg International Motor Show, MAN Truck & Bus will showcase a number of eco-friendly transport solutions designed to keep fleet operators Consistently Efficient while meeting environmental responsibility objectives based on European standards,” says Bruce Dickson, Deputy CEO, MAN Truck & Bus SA.

While no legislation currently exists in South Africa to regulate industry’s carbon footprint, “MAN helps limit fleet carbon emissions by offering fuel efficiency solutions at an affordable price. Because carbon footprint is directly related to how much fuel is consumed by a vehicle, fuel efficient vehicles piloted by skilled drivers help save money while conserving our environment,” adds Dickson.

With climate change and CO2 emissions very much the focus of environmental legislators globally, the reduction of other toxic exhaust gases (nitrogen oxides, soot and carbon monoxide are carcinogenic and cause respiratory diseases) remains a priority for all leading vehicle manufacturers.

A key exhibit at the show is MAN’s Concept S, a truck design study that proves how optimised vehicle aerodynamics can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 25% while dramatically lowering CO2 emissions.

For visitors to the show seeking immediate solutions for enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact, MAN is now offering South African fleet operators the following eco-solutions to limit harmful exhaust emissions and lower carbon footprint:

The MAN TGS 26.480 6x4 BLS with MAN D26 Euro 5 engine and MAN AdBlue® - using SCR exhaust gas after-treatment technology to limit toxic exhaust emissions. The truck is less sensitive to fuel quality than its European sibling and can work with 500ppm diesel without negatively impacting on performance.

MAN TGS WW 26.440 6x4 BLS with LX ‘LuxLine’ Cab and EfficientLine Package - the MAN EfficientLine Package is based on fuel-saving elements found on the MAN TGX, MAN’s European flagship.

MAN Lions Explorer 27-metre bi-articulated bus – a super-transit vehicle developed in MAN’s Olifantsfontein plant, capable of carrying 137 passengers, bringing greater business efficiency to bus fleet owners while helping to lower carbon emissions through reduced fleet fuel consumption.

MAN Common Rail diesel engines and ZF TipMatic automated transmissions ensure optimum fuel combustion via MAN’s engine management system and ‘smart’ gearbox that automatically keeps the vehicle in the ‘green band’, thereby optimising fuel use and engine power and torque.

MAN Driver Training based on MAN’s European driving methodologies ensures all MAN drivers have the necessary knowledge and skill to keep their vehicles economical, safe and Consistently Efficient.

“By adopting these technologies, fleet owners bring competitive advantages to their operations while fulfilling their environmental obligations. It’s a win-win situation and we are expecting much interest in our eco-friendly solutions at this year’s show,” concludes Dickson.