MAN TGS EfficientLine

Economy + Ecology = Sustainable Trucking

The Ultimate Longhaul Solution

As the 21st century unfolds, international supply chains will come under increasing pressure to limit the amount of fossil fuel they consume in order to limit their carbon footprint and consequent environmental impact. Fuel-efficiency will also play a vital role in determining fleet sustainability in the face of rapidly rising fuel prices.

With almost 3kg of CO2 emitted for every litre of diesel consumed, deploying commercial vehicles that optimise fuel consumption allows fleet operators to simultaneously limit their environmental impact and reduce their fuel costs.

A 3L/100km saving

Driven by its ‘Consistently Efficient’ global programme to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (of which diesel constitutes the greatest running cost component), MAN conducted its first EfficientLine Tour in Europe in 2011 where the MAN TGX EfficientLine recorded a remarkable fuel saving of almost three litres per 100km.

In 2012, MAN Truck & Bus South Africa will launch its new flagship truck-tractor, the MAN TGS EfficientLine, based on the same design principles as its European counterpart.

By optimising specific areas of the vehicle to reduce aerodynamic drag, rolling resistance, auxiliary power consumption and overall tare mass, the new MAN TGS EfficientLine delivers class-leading fuel consumption performance, effectively reducing Total Cost of Ownership while limiting harmful exhaust emissions.

The new on-highway longhaul range is fully compatible with locally-produced diesel and includes two 6x4 models (480hp & 440hp) and a 4x2 derivative (440hp).

EfficientLine Road Show

During May and June 2012, the MAN TGS EfficientLine Tour will visit Centurion, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Pinetown and Nelspruit to give truck operators first-hand experience of how the MAN TGS EfficientLine boosts profitability while conserving our planet.

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