MAN drives economical and eco-friendly Transport in SA

As a top-three European truck and bus OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), MAN Nutzfahrzeuge produces and exports world-leading commercial vehicles to fleet operators around the globe.

With millions of Euros spent annually on product research and development, engineers at MAN are able to ensure that customers take ownership of new vehicles that set new benchmarks in performance, safety and fuel economy while actively limiting harmful exhaust emissions.

According to Thomas Hemmerich, CEO, MAN Truck & Bus South Africa, “In South Africa, MAN’s new truck and bus derivatives are class-leaders as far as low fuel consumption and low carbon dioxide emissions are concerned.”

Equipped with MAN’s latest Trucknology features, including common-rail diesel injection technology, all new MAN models are powered by the world’s most sophisticated Euro 4 engines, but reconfigured to Euro 3 emissions specifications to efficiently handle SA fuel quality, making them one step ahead of most locally released trucks and buses, which currently run according to Euro 2 standards.

With the best Europe has to offer by way of automotive engineering, MAN augments its hardware with a spectrum of services designed to assist operators not only procure the best vehicle for their particular application, but to ensure new vehicles are driven optimally via its proprietary driver-training programme called ProfiDrive.

“The diesel engine was launched commercially by MAN over a century ago and no company understands better than MAN how to get the best performance from vehicle and driver. Using a combination of advanced vehicle electronics, on-board computers and CANbus-interfaced Fleet Management/telematics systems, MAN can deliver unprecedented levels of driver- coaching, vehicle performance benchmarking and on-road risk reduction,” says Hemmerich.

With fuel prices rising constantly, new emissions taxes on the way and an acute shortage of skilled drivers, SA’s commercial fleet owners are facing hefty challenges right now.

“MAN has a dedicated dealer network throughout Africa and now, with the acquisition of Volkswagen Brazil, has a comprehensive range of truck and bus products perfectly suited for varying African conditions, with parts and service support to ensure maximum vehicle in-service hours with low overall lifecycle costs that are very hard to beat,” concludes Hemmerich.