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State-of-the-art MAN Service Centre opens in Kenya

Riaan and Nduna share their experiences with the guests

The growing popularity of MAN and Volkswagen (VW) trucks and buses in East Africa has created a need for more vehicle servicing operations in the region and Nairobi can now boast a new state-of-the-art MAN and VW heavy commercial vehicle servicing facility, conveniently situated on the old Mombasa Road in Nairobi, which links the capital with the nation’s primary port of Mombasa.

Owned by industrialist, Rajinder Singh Baryan, Managing Director of R.T East Africa Limited (RTEAL), the 9 000 squaremetre facility has been built at a cost of over KES 250 million (R32.5 million) and has been custom-designed to allow optimum flexibility for vehicle servicing. It is equipped with two inspection pits, an engine and pump room, a large parts warehouse and expansive office space.

According to Baryan, “the facility will bring RTEAL’s client service functions together to promote collaboration and address client issues quickly and efficiently. The new facility will also offer after-sales service for MAN trucks with a capability of 12 truck service bays, and carry an extensive inventory of MAN parts.”

Providing ease-of-access to transporters using Kenya’s busiest logistics corridor,

“Our new MAN Service Centre of Excellence is the first step toward evolving the support experience for our MAN Truck customers. It will not only cater for new MAN truck buyers, but will also cater for the first time to MAN TopUsed buyers who for a long time have not had a worldclass facility to service their trucks,” said Baryan.

The official roofwetting ceremony of the new RTEAL facility held on 2nd October 2015, coincided with the arrival of the ONE MAN kann Journey in Nairobi, where the MAN Euro 5 TGX 26.540 EfficientLine joined its stable mates on the shining new RTEAL service centre floor, completing a picture that illustrated RTEAL’s long-standing loyalty to MAN trucks.

“We became a total transport solutions provider specialising in the heavy commercial vehicle industry after we were awarded the franchise to start marketing and distributing VW trucks and buses and MAN trucks in 2012,” Baryan stated. “RTEAL also has a Randon trailer assembly plant and a state- of-the-art assembly plant that assembles MAN and VW trucks and buses in Kenya.”

While the TGX may have hogged the limelight on the night, Baryan, who runs some 400 MAN TGS units in his Multiple Hauliers fleet, spoke highly of the VW: “One thing about the VW heavy commercial vehicle brand is that it is suitable for developing countries, which are characterised by rough terrains and unskilled manpower. The VW prime mover does not come with a lot of electronics, which is common with most of the main European brands in the market. This makes it possible for mechanics to carry out ‘first-aid’ repairs easily on the roadside when the situation demands.”

Augmenting the services at the new facility, “RTEAL will continue to support its customers through our fully equipped and manned service vans which have been giving on-site and on road support to our customers 24/7. The opening of the new centre underscores R.T. East Africa’s commitment to providing the highest levels of service each and every day to all MAN customers” added Baryan. “RTEAL plans to build other service outlets across major towns in Kenya and will continue to focus on driver training and technical expertise before a truck is released to preempt minor operational glitches that at times result in unnecessary breakdowns.”

Robert Clough, Head of MAN Sub-Equatorial Africa concluded: “MAN has been enjoying steady market share growth in East Africa which is a reflection of the organisation’s innovative engines, transmissions, braking systems, remote diagnostic and fuel economy technologies. We believe this new facility is ably equipped to support our East African markets for MAN and VW trucks and buses. With its strategic location, RTEAL’s new service centre will undoubtedly assist MAN in maintaining its strong competitive advantage in East Africa.”

Riaan Manser, left seen here with MD Rajinder Singh Baryan (middle) and Thomas Ferreira